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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Get smart, you know it makes sense!

13th December 2015
Just because something good ends, doesn't mean something better won't begin.

The end of ProPoints, the start of SmartPoints, I'm excited for change I really am and I know there will be members who might scared or angry because that's the effect change has on us, but once we get to the acceptance stage and try it, you'll be surprised at how it does work.  As difficult as it is to do, we need to draw a line and start afresh, don't compare the two systems but put all your energy into getting to grips with the new.

I shall be doing this from today, I followed it for a couple of weeks in October and lost 5.5lb, but I honestly couldn't focus on the two at the same time, talking one in meetings and another at home, I just have too much going on in my head already, so now my crazy, busy week is done, I can focus on myself and following SP's I'd like to lose a couple of pounds before Christmas, so this week 100%, starting today.

I'm going to cook a chicken dinner too, because let's be honest a healthy meal is a healthy meal, whatever system you're on! 

One thing I personally like about the new system is it's given me more dailies and less weeklies, that way I can enjoy a glass of wine every night if I want to without stressing about having enough points left to cover it, and at the weekend I'll have more dailies too so my total still add up quite well when they're added to the weeklies.

Yes I love it, the whole holistic approach, the fact that it is doing its best to veer us towards making healthier choices, and I know there is just no substitute for chocolate but you can eat less of it or whatever is your treat of choice.  Also the more you start to look at the sugar in your other foods, because that's where it's truly hidden, in the jars of sauces and ready meals, (we all know sugar is in chocolate and cake we expect it there!) the more your sugar cravings will drop because at the moment manufacturers are drip feeding up fixes throughout the day and that's why you're constantly craving!

Here's just one example, two comparable chow mein stir fry sauce mixes, 

the Co-op one has 3 smart points in it and the Blue Dragon one has 6sp, why?  Because when you compare the sugar content, there's 3 times more sugar in the Blue Dragon one, it's just not needed!  And the supermarkets are full of more examples like this that are making our nation OBESE!  It has to stop, something has to change or we're all heading for early deaths and so are our children. 

Harsh but true, so if you're fearing change it's okay to, just give it a go because I know when we switched from the old Points system to ProPoints I was devastated that my booze had almost doubled, but it did make me realise I was drinking too much wine and I cut down, now it's time for those who spend way too much of their allowance on junk food to honestly ask themselves if it needs to change. 

And if you pay more attention to the packets of food that you're buying, the processed stuff, you will still have the Smart Points left to enjoy a bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate, don't feel you have to give it up completely because you don't.  French fries, snaps, they're both still 2sp, a 2 finger kit kat is 5sp, a chomp is 3sp, personally if I ever fancy a bit of chocolate, I'll be having something I really enjoy and using the SmartPoints, I likes me a Daim bar at 8sp.

It's going to make you think more about what you spend your budget on for sure!  But it'll be worth it when you see those numbers on the scales going down, here's to a lot of smiley faces next week I reckon. 

Enjoy your Sunday BeYOUtiful, I shall mostly be spending mine sorting through Helping Handbags ready for them to be collected.

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