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Friday, 11 December 2015


11th December 2015
Every minute that passes by is just one more chance to change something that could change everything.

Good morning, I do believe I refused to get out of bed this morning, my massage lady has her work cut out today, my bodies in bits, my feet hurt, my back aches and my shoulders are tight, but I'm sat here at my desk feeling good. It's hard work pain and it was worth it.  I have one more meeting tomorrow then all my wonderful members will have their very own copy of the new plan in their hands.  I've just loved the overall enthusiasm and feedback and I have a feeling there will be some decent weight losses next week despite Christmas being on the horizon, after all weight loss is for life not just for Christmas ;)

I've been doing some serious steps on my fitbit too, then there's all those boxes I've been lugging about so I've definitely been moving more this week, I won't be today, I'll be doing my paperwork, trying to get mom into the dentist again, then massage and chilling ready for my busy tomorrow, including an area meeting after my morning meeting, so I'll recharge today.

I'm not saying a lot about the meetings this week and the changes because I want to make it to the end of my meetings first, so I'm a little stuck with what to talk about because that's all my heads full of.

One thing I can share though that won't spoil anything is the hashtag #MyWWJourney it's what we want you to use when sharing your Weight Watchers news and success.  Just in case you're new to all this lingo and social media, a hashtag is a type of label used on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A hashtag makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content – in our case, all posts using #MyWWJourney

It means you can type it the search engine on facebook and all the posts with it in will come up in your feed, I like that idea.  Try it this morning.

Weight Watchers UK has also launched an Instagram which you can follow @WeightWatchersUK for food hacks, fitness tips and more! You can also tag your Instagram photos with #MyWWJourney for a chance to be featured. https://www.instagram.com/weightwatchersuk/  

I used the #MyWWJourney yesterday, I took five minutes out of my hectic day to stop and have a smile moment, this was it;

What makes you smile about your Weight Watcher journey?
This photo is my favourite image from 2015, it makes me smile every time I look at it, why? Because it reminds me that Weight Watchers didn't just share a plan with me, it became my career, it introduced me as a member to people who became my future besties, as a leader to a colleague who became not just my best friend but my rock too. And thanks to WW, I've found more friends through being a leader. I can count my closest friends on one hand and they were all found through Weight Watchers, two in this shot, this photo was taken after an afternoon of giggles and good food, something I enjoy with all of my WW friends, There are two ladies missing from that photo who are also true friends, Vicky I met when we were both members 11+ years ago and Katie who I met in my meetings over 6 years ago. Weight Watchers is my extended family, my career and my passion, I'll always be grateful for the smiles it gives me on a daily basis. ‪#‎MyWWJourney What are the highlights of yours?

I'd love to see your highlights posted on facebook, or your piccy's of you, your food etc, use the hashtag and tag me in them too so they come up in my newsfeed.


they're both me ones my personal (I have not privacy, my life's an open book!), the other is my Weight Watcher page. 

Right that's my lot, I'm off for a cuppa, this pint of water is cold!  Have a great day BeYOUtiful, focus on the happy and healthy. xx

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