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Monday, 30 November 2015

Monday morning again...

30th November 2015
Don't get your tinsel in a tangle.

It's only the start of Advent tomorrow! I've decided to start December with giving my liver a rest, I'll be having an alcohol free week and drinking plenty of water, then Sunday I have my day spa treat with my mate who I haven't spent a day with for a long time so I'm very much looking forward to it.

Yeah this week can be all about eating healthy, getting lots of water into my body and doing a 'healthy' time of cleanse, no silly gimmicks, just eating good wholesome, home cooked food, steering clear of the processed stuff and hopefully staying within my points!  That's the tough part isn't it, eating healthy is easy peasy when you love delicious good food, but eating the correct portion sizes, that's not so easy, not for me anyways! 

Whilst reading my magazines yesterday, I found a recipe for blue cheese bites, they'd using tortilla wraps they'd cut out circles to put in a jam tart tin, pressed them into the tin and put blue cheese and walnut as a filling then baked in the oven, I like this idea, thinking the fillings could be changed to suit, but it could work out lighter than pastry cases for sure.  It'd be nice with ham and eggs in I bet, options are endless, nice nibbles for over Christmas.

I had a lovely day yesterday, spent the morning sorting the kitchen, then cooking a beef stew in my slow cooker, whilst I made a roast chicken dinner, which I have to say was amazing!  I didn't make my soup but that's on the list for today, tomato soup, thinking I might roast the tomatoes first, but maybe not as the member that bought some in for me to try hadn't roasted hers and that was delicious.

The one thing I am going to focus on more this week, is eating mindfully, actually sitting down and giving it some attention, that's where I've been slipping lately, so now the kitchen table is clear, I'm committing to eating all my meals for a week up that table!  I know that's going to be difficult for sure!  But that's me putting it in writing, so here's to a tough week, but hopefully worthwhile and enjoyable too, a week where I'm going to take time out to sit and enjoy my meals, a week where I'm not going to drink anything stronger than coffee and a week where I'm going to focus on cooking delicious, nutritious food in the correct portion sizes.  So what's on the menu, mmm well, I've got my stew, I'm thinking some fish, spaghetti, ooo yeah, I'll made a spaghetti dish.  I'm thinking a meat-free day too, I've bought some quorn chicken style pieces, I also bought some oatcake things, and I want to try and recreate the savoury chicken pancake thing I like that Waitrose sells.  I've just looked online and it says "Skinless chicken fillet enrobed in a cheesy bacon sauce wrapped in a pancake and finished with grated cheddar cheese and chopped fresh parsley."
Looking at the ingredients its chicken in a cream sauces with a bit of bacon, cheese and egg)  I will just do chicken in a cheesy sauce, that might be tea, but I might use the leftover chicken from my roast dinner, and save the quorn for another day, maybe make a curry with it or a carbonara.

Anyway that's me off to get me another pint (of water), I have a busy day today, lots of work stuff to do!  Yeah it's my day off! Hey Ho ;)

Happy Monday BeYOUtiful.

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