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Monday, 28 December 2015

Don't Panic, it'll come off!

28th December 2015
Either find a way or make one!

So it appears panic mode is setting in throughout the land!  People all over the country are suddenly realising they overate too much this month and that does actually equate to weight gain, Santa doesn't bring you a faster metabolism for Christmas unfortunately.  

Now what!  Well stop panicking and trying to lose a stone in a day for a start!  You know that isn't possible and it's where everyone goes wrong.  Start today if you wish too, get back on track or if like me you're off work until January then start making sensible choices but not expecting perfection. 

Think...  What is your body craving?  For me yesterday, it was green vegetables and water, lots and lots of water.  What has your body had too much off?  Yeah not surprising it's alcohol in my case, my body just said no to even red wine yesterday!  Listen to your body, start to tell your greedy to shut up, enough already.

STOP expecting yourself to turn into a health freak overnight with the willpower of iron - it ain't gonna happen!  Get clearing up the kitchen and I don't mean wiping the surfaces, I mean turning it from a toxic environment back to a supportive healthy one.  If there's loads of junk left, if it's sealed, maybe consider donating it to a food bank, you could even go drop it off at the nearest YMCA.  If it isn't or you don't want to get rid as there are others in your house who aren't so fussed about the weight gain, then tidy the stuff away so at least it's out of sight.  I know I cannot resist Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps if there in sight but I asked mom to put them where I couldn't see them and I'm okay. 

I purposely didn't do the 'Christmas' shop because I knew mom would get chocolates as gifts and I would get booze, so we're not too bad in our house.  Although I do have a white chocolate milkybar penguin left, 80g of yummy that I've just worked out at 23sp - ouch, now a little 25g bar is 7sp and a 13g bar is 4sp, they would normally be more than adequate for me, it does say 4 servings on the wrapper, but we all know if I unwrap that beast, he's not lasting 4 days!  To eat or not to eat, that is the question.  Because he's been out of sight since Christmas day, I haven't even thought about him, now I've just had him in my hands, I can't stop looking at him.  That's why we greedy foodies need to have an environment that is weight loss friendly, I know my willpower is weak a lot of the time.

I also know it's not what I eat between Christmas day and New Years day that causes my weight issues, it's what I eat the rest of the year and I know once I'm back at work, living and breathing Smart Points, I'm going to lose any gained weight easily!  How do I know?  Because my members have shown me already how fantastic it is, almost 1,000lb lost on it already just in 3 weeks at what's always the quietest time of year, so January we're all gonna blow it out of the water.

I have been on the scales, there has been a weight gain - I don't care, it'll be gone in January as will everyone else's who gets back on track and follows the plan.  It works, you know it does, so stop panicking, enjoy any break you have left and look forward to an awesome 2016 BeYOUtiful. xx

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