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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Embrace your cool!

16th December 2015
You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.
Good day yesterday, members are all in a different place at this time of year with Christmas on the horizon there are a lot just doing their best to not gain too much weight because they're enjoying the celebrations and get together's, so a new plan isn't foremost in their mind, then there's those that just haven't got time before Christmas to sit down and think about changing and of course there are those that have embraced a new plan with both hands because they desperately needed something new to get their teeth into!

Mostly I think everyone yesterday was okay with the results at the scales, those that had little gains thanks to partying or rushing were okay, those who'd followed the new plan were loving it.  A few concerns of course, which again is to be expected, we don't like change but I love that they all agreed they understand why Weight Watchers have made the changes and are willing to give it a go, that makes me very proud as a leader to have those kind of members that are willing to try to change.

And calling a dog a cat doesn't change it into one!  Changing the name of a plan from Filling & Healthy to No Count doesn't mean it's different either!  The beauty of eating healthy is that's exactly what it is, healthy eating and it doesn't need a name or a label but it makes life easier if it has one otherwise it wouldn't have a description.  The No Count part of Smart Points is the ultimate in healthy when you think about it really because you're only eating good healthy food, free from all the processed stuff and you're getting a weekly allowance to cover those extra treats. 

No Count encourages you to eat fruit and veg, low fat milk and dairy, lean protein and wholegrains, makes sense really doesn't it.  Smart Points veers you towards making those same wise choices but with a daily allowance for those of us that prefer some control and the flexibility of having the processed, convenience stuff. 

I've always said it, Weight Watchers works because of the group support, all their plans have worked over the years, they've evolved and improved, but they've all worked, even the one where you had to have liver twice a week!  Mmm liver, I might get me some of that this week.

In a meeting you'll get all different types of people and it works because they all have that one thing in common, a desire to lose weight, maintain weight loss and be healthy.  What I've always tried to do and what Weight Watchers is now focusing more one is getting those members to work on not just the numbers but the other stuff, feeling great about who you are, loving the skin you're in, being happy as well as healthy. Getting 'thin' doesn't solve all the other things going on in your life!

One of my very BeYOUtiful members told me yesterday (and I'm sure she won't mind me sharing her words) that she'd achieved so much since joining Weight Watchers and thinking about them had made her quite emotional "I've changed so much since meeting you and joining WW, not my appearance, that's irrelevant to me now, but the way I think about things and the fact that you've always believed in me.  I've done things including learning to drive, all with your support and belief that I could do it, and to be quite honest I know I wouldn't of done it without you so thank you xx i just wanted you to know that xx"

Well I'm not going to lie, I got quite emotional too, but not for the reasons you'd think when you read that message but for the one part of it where she writes "not my appearance, that's irrelevant to me now" that was the line that got me!  It is again now I'm sat here with happy tears, because I know when she joined WW'ers and when so many do, it's all about appearance, now that BeYOUtiful lady has realised she was gorgeous all along, she didn't have to change to be amazing, she's one special lady who I'm proud to now call a friend and I don't care what she weighs, I do care that she's happy and healthy though, which is why I'll continue to be her leader and keep her in check :).  We've had a couple of conversations over the years that really stick in my head and make me smile because I know that I had a part in changing the way her brain thinks and that makes me feel so good, to know that I could help someone feel better about themselves, I can't even tell you how good.

Now I've given my members homework to write down things that are cool about them, and yesterday a few agreed they felt like they were bragging so were struggling to do it.  Hell brag away!  There's a difference between appreciating your qualities and being a pain in the bum big head!   Me feeling proud and good about helping that member above make changes to her life doesn't mean I'm bragging, it means I'm proud and want to share.  If I was to spend each and every day telling everyone how wonderful I am because look what I've done..... isn't quite the same, and I'm never gonna be that person.

So embrace your cool, your awesomeness, your BeYOUtiful because you'll be amazed the places it takes you both physically and emotionally, enjoy the journey because when you do, oh ma'an it's one hell of a ride!

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