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Monday, 14 December 2015

How many amazing, generous people do I know!

14th December 2015
Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.

Well I've woke up with a head full of stuff I need to do, it's 11 sleeps till Christmas and I haven't wrapped stuff, I still have stuff to buy, my brother and his wife are coming to stay today so I need to cook that chicken dinner I was going to cook yesterday but never got round too, so yeah another busy day.

I ended up spending yesterday sorting through the helping handbags to take out anything dangerous, there were another 199 so with the 105 already delivered we collected over 300, just incredible.  Once I'd done that, I phoned round a few hostels in Wolverhampton and delivered some of them to save Helen (the lady collecting them) from not having to make two trips.  It may have taken up my entire day but it felt so good, to know where they were actually going and getting to meet the women running the refuges humbled me.  We really are so blessed, my house might be untidy most of the time but it's mine!  Here's some photos, thank you to every one of you that made the effort to fill a bag.

P3 is a homeless charity in Wolverhampton, I dropped some off at their mens hostel, for them to pass on to homeless woman, they were desperate for towels for the men, so we now have no towels in our house but I shall be going shopping to buy myself some for Christmas, I've never liked those white bath towels, then I got 4 more free because I complained, so at least they've come in useful ;)

There's so many places out there that need help, it's not just food banks, it's the hostels, so thank you once more. Xx

I haven't even had time to think about my 'diet' and the new Smart plan, having said that I did track and smart point everything I consumed yesterday, my day looked like this;

Breakfast was egg and mushrooms on toast 5sp
Milk in tea 2sp

Banana & pear
I was too engrossed in bags to stop to eat!

Pork stuffing balls (party food, needed to use, Alfie helped me as they were ridiculously high in smart points) 8sp
Brocolli / carrots
Rosti cakes 9sp

WW Crackers 2sp
Pate 2sp

Then of course it was all washed down with a well deserved glass of red (6sp)

I also earned 6 fit points on my fit bit, carrying all those bags up and down the stairs, too and from the car helped there I reckon.

Feeling good about getting through yesterday, When I was given the Smart Points programme material I bought me a cheap A-Z address book so I can record the foods I eat regularly and I'll have a reference book to save me searching every time I want to know the Smart Points, my memory isn't what it once was, so this is a great asset for me and it's what I used the last time we had a new system.  I'm taking it a meal at a time, a day at a time and not expecting miracles this side of Christmas, especially now my brothers turning up!

Happy Monday BeYOUtiful, start your week feeling positive and grateful because if all we have to worry about is our weight, we're truly blessed!

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