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Monday, 21 December 2015

4 more sleeps & lots to do!

21st December 2015
Experience: the most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn." C.S. Lewis

A long, relaxed, chilling out day was had yesterday, I did manage to make our roast beef dinner but that was about all I did!  Mom and I watched tv all afternoon, a Will Smith film (Focus), bit complicated, one of those you have to watch, then some crime shows (mom loves these) then we discussed and decided that we're going to have a tree this year, never had on in this house in the 20+ years we've lived here, we've always gone away so not bothered, then last year was our first at home and we just didn't bother, but we're thinking a 3-4ft real one in a pot, I have all the decorations because of a mix up (long story!).  We're also having egg and chips again for Christmas dinner as that's moms favourite meal and she gets to choose, with frozen garden peas this year rather than the baked beans we had last year.  Yeah Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and doing what you want, making your own traditions and it appears chips is going to be one of ours. Last Christmas was the first time I'd spent a holiday week in my house at any time of the year, I'd always gone away somewhere, looking forward to doing it again.  I've got a couple of books ready to read and I'm hoping some good rubbish will be on the tv too.

Before that though, a week of meetings ending on Christmas Eve with a 4 hours weigh-in session for those keen to stay on track and keep themselves in check, we're going to be at Bloxwich from 7.30-11.30 so the workers can nip in on the way to work and everyone else can pop in as they are zipping round getting those last minute bits, we're going to have tea and toasted teacakes too, with best butter - it is Christmas Eve after all!

There's still a week of weight loss but the running total for 2015 is 22,410lb or 1,600 stone, that's incredible!  That doesn't include all those non-scales victories my members constantly share with my or post on facebook.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of those throughout 2016, especially now we have the hashtag #MyWWJourney for us all to use when we're talking anything Weight Watchers on our personal timelines, I love being tagged in those posts too.  It's been lovely seeing photos of my members in their gladrags going out on the town to have fun, looking and feeling BeYOUtiful, warms my heart.

So busy, long day ahead for us, another trip to the dentist later but at least she'll have her new crown in ready for Christmas and a nice new haircut at lunchtime, so she'll be super BeYOUtiful this December! 

Have a great week, remember it's okay to indulge at Christmas, as long as we don't continue indulging till July!  I've got to admit though, I'm ready for some salad already!

Happy Monday BeYOUtiful!

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