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Sunday, 6 December 2015

No work day for me!

6th December 2015
When it's time for you to grow, you start to get uncomfortable!

Ooo I'm looking forward to my day of relaxation today, I'm even going to start my day with a bubble bath before I leave the house, then I'll be all clean too before I arrive at the spa. 

I usually weigh on a Monday but I've decided to weigh today and make this day 1 of my week, I've been treading water the last few weeks, too much going on, not being silly but not being great either, but over the last month I've managed to stay the same, so it's all balanced out nicely, this time next week I'd like to be reporting a loss, so I will do my best to point my lunch today and if we eat out later too, I'll be sensible, enjoy it and point it best I can!

This week has seen lots of members losing weight in my meetings, average weight loss this week was actually 1lb per member, which I think is fantastic, I've also dished out 7 x 5% certificates, 2 x 10% certificates, a couple of 25lb certificates and a member achieved her goal weight, so they're making it a December to remember for sure.

I've been awake for ages thanks to the wind, but I've used that time to do a longer meditation session so at least I was still relaxing if not asleep, I need a calm, re-energised body and mind ready for the week ahead, it's going to be a busy, exciting week and I can't wait!

Despite the busy ahead, I do intend to focus on me too, I really fancy a lasagne, might have a google tomorrow or I'm sure I have a couple in my cook books that I've made before.

Talking of food, I'm really enjoying Avocado's, I can't believe how my tastebuds have changed, I used to think they were disgusting, I can't get enough of them now, haven't tried them hot yet but yesterday I watched a little video showing how to make baked avocado and egg, mmm I need that in my life, here's the link, it really made my mouth water http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/baked-avocado-eggs-how-to_562152c7e4b0bce34700a9cf?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000063

Anyway short and sweet today as I'm planning a no work, no social media, no technology day ahead, it's all about being in the moment for me today and spending time with a special friend as she tells me all about her wedding day plans and her hen weekend exploits!

Whatever you have planned - enjoy BeYOUtiful and stay happy. xx

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