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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Here's to enjoying a Happy & Healthy Christmas BeYOUtiful

23rd December 2015
Old ways won't open new doors.

There's no greater sense of satisfaction than seeing that member achieve that goal they've set themselves, well maybe a little more when they honestly didn't think they were going to do it because they'd gone out a couple of times and stuck to the 80/20 rule, instead of aiming for perfection.   That's what happened last night, Nikita usually gets weighed on a Saturday but came early because of Christmas and because she was only 1lb off her 75lb certificate, weighing night instead of morning could've affected the scales, eating out at Cosmo and having pizza also could've taken its toll but instead when she stood on, it was a 2lb loss! BOOM!  Her look of disbelief was lovely, so well deserved and a incredible journey so far.  31 weeks in and it's been a steady consistent weight loss after the initial big losses in the first month.   Can't tell you how pleased I am for her as I can see how much it means to her, it's also landed her a new job with a bigger pay packet, something she tells me she wouldn't have had the confidence to do before!  If you haven't already read it, she recommends the SMILE book out of the pack as a good read, I do too by the way, let's make 2016 we all start loving ourselves for who we are, not how much we weigh.

Other's hit the Christmas goals yesterday too, it was great to be a part of that, I loved listening to their highlights and smile moments of the year and hearing what their Christmas plans are.

I'm going to have to brave a supermarket, I need bread!  Might tackle Asda this morning on my way to my meeting maybe or when I come out.  I've got a poorly mom in bed, she's got the lurgy, she sounds dreadful!

My Christmas control plan is we can't eat what isn't here, so I'm not going to fill my house full of all the junk that is mostly responsible for the weight gain, then I can only do so much damage.  I've just read that one of my members had eaten a packet of honey roasted peanuts, ouch, and I know I would do exactly the same thing myself if they were in the house, all those nibbly things are irresistible to me, the pork crunch I bought from poundland  because they were only 2sp a packet, yeah well there's 6 packets so that's actually 12sp!  I can live without.

I'm looking forward to having a couple of days with hours to spare where I can stand in the kitchen and create something delicious, I fancy the pork and apricot burgers out of the new Smart cookbook, mmm the sticky sausage open sarnie looks damn fine too!  IN this months magazine the breakfast hash looks tasty, mmm I might have to have smoked haddock for Christmas brekkie, page 45 of mag smoked salmon on rosti, I'll have a bit of that!  Oh yes, bring on the good stuff, that way I don't need all those nibbles that we eat and don't even remember eating, that cost us trillions of smart points and really, aren't worth it because you only taste the first mouthful and the last!

3 meetings today, looking forward to hearing more about their triumphs and smiles of 2015.  Here's to enjoying a Happy & Healthy Christmas BeYOUtiful. xx

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