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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

You're naturally thin - you wouldn't understand

12th May 2015
You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.  Marianne Williamson
I had a lovely few hours with my mates yesterday having a giggle over lunch, I opted for steak and jacket potato and when I ordered I asked, "Can I have a jacket instead of chips and also can you not put the onion rings on my plate because I don't really like them that much but I'll eat them because they're there!"  The chap serving me who was extremely slim replied, "well that's just silly isn't it."  Yep it really is but it's what I do, being a thin dude, he wouldn't understand it's how I'm programmed and even though I've been trying to re-wire that section of my brain for a very long time, even now, it still returns to make me feel I should eat everything on my plate.  It's not that I really dislike onion rings, they just wouldn't make my 'to eat' list but if they're there like most things I'll eat em.  WHY?  Oh that's the million dollar question!  And there are so many possible answers including because as kids we were taught to clean our plate, because we were poor and we were happy to eat anything, because of my hormones now I'm middle aged, because my subconscious is sick to death of 'watching my weight', the list goes on and on and on, a bit like Celine Dion!

I just saw this and it made me smile;

I used to complain about my thighs all through my twenties, possibly my early thirties too, these days I'm happy to acknowledge if asked that they are bigger than posh spices waist but then so is her head probably!  I My thighs are the only thing on me that's every likely to be the same as a size 8 waist!  And it really doesn't bother me these days. Why not?  Because it's just not that important, personally my image isn't a priority being happy is.

What do I remember most about the last few years?  What makes me happy and smile when I look back and remember, the answer to that is the things that have made me giggle, not the size 8/10/12 dress I wore on a specific occasion.  My wonderful memories are made up of laughter, love and amazing people, and I couldn't tell you the weight of me or any of them on those occasions. 

As long as I'm doing my best to make healthy choices, moving more when I can and enjoying spending time with people I love, then I can handle whatever size jeans I have to wear as long as they fit!

Yesterday was a lovely day, I spent a few hours with my besties, I went for an afternoon walk alone and listened to my audio book, I sat and watched tv with my mom, that's what makes my world happy. 

Food wise, I just grabbed a banana for breakfast because I knew I was having lunch early, I opted for jacket over chips and asked to replace the onion rings with a corn on the cob (making the healthier choice), I resisted pudding because I just didn't fancy anything on the menu and I had a sandwich for tea.  I wanted bread and butter pudding but they didn't have any and neither did the local shop, so that saved me a few ProPoints!  I just wanted one of those single servings to keep the portion control, I could've made my own I know but I obviously didn't want it that much!

I really feel for my gold members when they're struggling to stay at goal, most members are focused when they're losing because they have something they're aiming for.  However once you get to goal, that becomes the norm, no one really cares anymore that you've lost weight because this new slimmer you is what they see every day, you've stopped shrinking.  Suddenly you're life may get hectic or you just may find yourself noticing all that wonderful food you've managed to resist for so long and you're now super tempted!  This is when you have to change your goals, find a balance.

I've realised stress eating isn't a problem, stress overeating is!
I've realised having a takeaway or a big slice of cake isn't a problem, doing it constantly to excess is!

One moment of excessive indulgence will not make you fat again, but giving up and saying 'I can't do this' could well take you back to where you started.

It's not about constantly counting ProPoints every day for the rest of your life, if you've done Weight Watchers properly, you will have re-educated yourself enough to know how much food is too much, to recognise the difference between need and greed, to know when it really is time to put down your fork!

I've maintained my weight over the last two weeks without tracking at all, last week I gained because of the bank holiday and my drunken jigsaw day with my bestie, this week I've got that weight off, that's what I call maintaining a healthy balanced life! 

Anyway I'm waffling and I need to get ready for work.  Being healthy and happy are the only things that matter to me where my 'diet' is concerned, the giggles are the priority and if they make my belly wobble, I'm good with that.

Have a great day BeYOUtiful. xx

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