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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Asking myself why is better for me than what.

6th May 2015
Don't let yesterday take up too much of today.

Well night sweats and awake since 4am, just one of the wonderful symptoms of perimenopause apparently, aren't I the lucky lady! Luckily I went to bed nice and early so I've had at least 6 hours sleep, I do love all these body changes that are happening throughout my 40s - NOT!  I'm not complaining though as I talk to people daily who are having a much tougher time than me. 

Instead I'm going to do my best to make a few changes as have been recommended in a few articles I've found on the subject, apparently diet can make a difference, they suggest minimizing your intake of simple carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods, and increasing your consumption of vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, and lean protein. These relatively minor dietary adjustments can have powerful results apparently, so let's use that as another reason to eat a healthy diet.  It also suggests finding an exercise program based around activities you enjoy, so walking and gardening that'll be, I might even dig out my yoga dvd because the final thing they suggest is to investigate basic stress reduction techniques in order to find which methods work best for you and the way you live, so that added to a bit of meditation could really help. Apparently, these simple steps can make a world of difference in helping you to clear away obstacles so you can improve your physical and emotional well-being now — and because you are being proactive, these adjustments can help prevent more serious problems in the future.  That sounds like a plan to me, so I'll start by having scrambled egg for breakfast I think, that's the lean protein.  I'll need to go buy some fruit. 

The article does point out that these changes seem like a lot, and I'm sure you'll agree that's the same with weight loss, it seems like so much to do and so many changes to make.  I think the only way to do it is to do one or two changes at a time, rather than changing everything overnight.  I can start by cutting simple carbs, if I don't buy the stuff I won't eat it, they make me feel sluggish, my body does not like bread at all!  So that's my first one sorted and as I don't have any in the house now, I just won't buy any more.  I already eat lean protein, so that's another off the list ticked. 

I really enjoyed my walk last Friday so will be happy to include a few more, yeah the idea of balancing out my hormones and sleeping better and having less of the monthly symptoms is selling the idea of eating healthy and getting active to me much more than the idea of weight loss, I'm happy in my skin, and losing weight just doesn't seem to be pushing my buttons at the moment, so if I focus on these things for my health and emotional state then weight loss can become the side effect rather than the main aim!

Then as I begin to notice a difference in the way I feel, I'll hopefully have the motivation to continue making incremental improvements. When trying to make changes to your life, taking it one step at a time, and going at the pace that is right for you, lets you enjoy regular, steady progress which is more sustainable.   Makes sense doesn't it that!

A little guidance and determination can help you feel better than you ever thought possible.  I feel much more like I want to go and eat healthy today than I did yesterday when my only 'goal' was weight loss, I feel much more likely to make these changes when my goal is balanced moods, better sleep, less achy body, yeah that's my summer goal, to balance out those hormones!

What are your summer goals?  Why do you want to focus on taking care of yourself this summer, why do you want to be healthy?  What's your definition of healthy?

I've started my day with my pint of lemon infused water, off to top the glass up before taking half hour out of starting my day to make a little shopping list.  Spinach needs to be on it as spinach is full of iron, that'll go nice with a poached egg in the morning!

Anyway I'm off, here's to a positive day, healthy and hormonally balanced is the way for me today :) Hope yours is great too BeYOUtiful.

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Barbara said...

I can empathise with the peri-menopause symptoms. I now use acupuncture and chinese herbs that really help to balance the hormones. I have another appointment this morning so looking forward to feeling recharged! :-)