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Sunday, 10 May 2015

drink anyone?

10th May 2015
When you're trying to motivate yourself appreciate the fact that you're even thinking about making a change, and as you move forward, allow yourself to be good enough.  Alice Domar

This week in my meetings we've looked at how sometimes it all seems a bit overwhelming when you stop and look at all the changes you need to make to lose the weight you want to lose, I also read out this pass from Jean Nidetch (founder of Weight Watchers who passed away last week, aged 91);

Everybody talks about willpower. What is it? It’s something I used to say I didn’t have. Most people hide behind their lack of it. They’ll say "I haven't got willpower," and that ends it. This gives them the right to be fat or alcoholic or anything else.

I tell people who walk through our doors, "It was willpower that brought you here. So, obviously, you have this thing you thought you didn't have. If you've got the courage to join Weight Watchers, certainly you've got the courage to put back a cupcake, certainly you've got the courage to let go of a doughnut, by all means you can pass up a pretzel."

I think "desire" is a better word than willpower. I have the desire now to be thin and it's greater than the desire to eat the sweet foods I love. I have the desire to wear a size-12 dress and it's greater than the desire to stuff myself with chocolate-covered marshmallow cookies.

Fat people say to me, "I'll never make it." They'll make it if they take it one step, one battle, one crisis at a time. Don't give up the whole thing if you can't make it the first time. Just like when you were learning to walk, you'd fall down a lot. If you hadn't gotten up and tried some more, you would never have accomplished the tremendous feat of walking. It's the same with losing weight. Just remember that other people have had the same problems and have done the same thing. Just start again.

She was a very direct talking lady who I guess could be blunt, I have the original programme material somewhere and on it says "don't dig your own grave with your own fork!"  Yeah she didn't beat around the bush.  It's a great read, here's a link to a copy of it here on pdf;

http://www.happyowls.co.uk/TheStoryofWeight WatchersbyJeanNidetch.pdf

This is also a really good article.


So in true Jean Nidetch style this week, I didn't ask my members what they could do, I told them what to do!  I challenged them to start every day with a glass of water, easy yeah!

I mentioned a couple of those quick fix diets out there, that really don't fix anything, one of which is taking a tablet each day and eating a 'clean' diet but of course it's the tablet that's helping the weight loss not eating the steamed fish and broccoli you'd be eating because you were following a good filling & healthy diet!

So to encourage the drinking of the water each day, I even gave my members their first bottle, which of course I'd infused with 100% pure mojo, the bottle carried a warning "May cause weight loss success when used in conjunction with the ProPoints plan!" And of course in true faddy diet style it would be the mojo that was causing the weight loss not the fantastic, sensible eating plan that Weight Watchers have put together.

Yes as I drove home last Friday with all those bottles of water in my car, I felt like something out of the Flinstones, my car felt so heavy. 

The final reason I chose drinking water as their first challenge was to remind us all how lucky we are, in Nepal where the earthquake has happened, they're probably lucky to have water, let alone anything else right now, there was of course a collection box on the side hoping members would donate.  I haven't counted it yet but I reckon £100.

So today realise if losing weight is your only problem right now, that really you are truly blessed because we could have so many more troubles going on in our lives.

Go get a glass of water, drink it slowly whilst appreciating the amazingness that is your life BeYOUtiful. xx

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