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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Back to work, oh I never left!

19th May 2015
Don't be most people; most people don't achieve their dreams.

Well yesterday was supposed to be my day off, the first full day off since the previous Sunday and I ended up working in my office most of it and finished off with a cracking head ache all afternoon.  Next Sunday/Monday I'm having a complete workless break, even my mom passed comment that she couldn't compete with my phone, bless her.

As much as I love my job, I do love the rest of my life too and I need to get time with it, I've been trying to start reading a book for a week, just can't find the time.  I did enjoy me a nice long soak in the bath at tea time though, that was lovely, just lying there and trying to empty my mind.

The other good thing was I still managed to find time to cook a decent meal yesterday, using a Colman's cheese sauce mix (8pp), I added a spoonful of mustard, and poured that on top of courgettes, pepper, mushrooms and cauliflower, topped with 10ppof cheese and grilled, it was delicious and plenty for 3 portions at least.

I noticed as well as me, there were quite a few lines being drawn and fresh starts yesterday, I'm blaming.......

You know what, I gotta stop blaming stuff, yes I'm super busy, yes my life's changed, yes I'm hitting menopause, but ultimately yes I'm eating more and that's the only reason that I can change.  I can eat less!

WOW doesn't that make it sound simple - I can eat less....

I get up every morning with that intention, as do most of you I guess, maybe instead of thinking 'eat less', I need to think 'eat differently', I know full well I don't have to eat less of the zero heros and the good stuff, I know I need not to skip breakfast because I'll end up wanting to eat my own arm later one.  I know all these things, so why am I not doing them?  The million dollar question.

I'm improving that's all I can say right now, the water is under control, doing well, drinking plenty. The fruit is going great too, I had watermelon yesterday, that was delicious.  Now to focus on eating foods that satisfy me and stop me from overeating.

Only buying the foods I know will help me is helping, can't eat what isn't here.  Eating some of the good foods I've bought would help even more, instead of resorting to the quick and easy, I need to take an hour our each afternoon (I think they call it a lunch time!) and prepare and cook a delicious, nutritious meal and spend the time in the kitchen chatting with my mom and sitting down to eat with her!

Yeah that's it, that's my goal for the week, to take an hour in the middle of the day to prepare a meal. Sorted.  Part 3 of my long term plan is now officially underway, water, fruit, time out to cook meal.

Now I also know I need to address the sod it syndrome, I need to get inside my head and work out why I'm doing it, what I'm thinking when I start to overeat.  If you're overeating, this is a good one for you to do also,  how?  Well  just before you're about to overeat or eat something that wasn't planned, stop for a moment and ask yourself what you're feeling.  Did something just bother you?  Where are you when it happens?  What time of day is it, and who are you with at the time?  The more information you can gather about what happens for you right before you overeat, the better you'll be able to understand what drives you to overeat and the more likely you are to change your eating habits forever.   A little food/mood diary/notebook is a good idea. 

Anyways, today is actually a work day and I have a car to load, and a meal to plan for lunchtime, mmm, I think pasta, I keep saying I will cook pasta and not doing it.  Yep today we shall mostly be eating pasta! 

Enjoy your day, draw your lines if necessary, hopefully you did that yesterday though, get yourself a get to know yourself pad, BeYOUtiful do whatever you know will help you get that weight loss next week because you're worth all this effort.

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