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Monday, 11 May 2015

It is what it is! You are who you are!

11th May 2015
At some point you have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening.

It's Monday, let's set the tone for the week, starting with my glass of water, I'm gonna make time for a walk today and I've got a healthy cottage pie made ready for tea, it's all about those small daily choices, the healthier they are, the healthier I will be.

Something that caught my attention yesterday was the 'self loathing' talk I was witnessing on Facebook, " hate myself", "miserable about myself" "ashamed of myself", it always makes me feel a little sad when I read that ladies feel that way about themselves or their bodies, I've been there I guess but it was so long ago that I don't really remember.  I know when something's out of kilter with my life, my body is usually the first thing that gets attacked, it's like I'm distracting or punishing myself from within!  

Even now that I do love myself 100%, spare tyre and all, if my emotional state gets a little low or I get tired, overworked, if my life becomes out of balance, I've realised that I use my body, my weight as a distraction!  I guess it stops me thinking about the real issues, going on a 'diet' or deciding to 'lose weight' means I'm not thinking about why my life's out of balance I guess. 

95% of the time though, I'm good, I love me and my body, I can look in the full length mirror on the landing and give that extra bit of belly that wasn't always there a cuddle, because it's part of me and who I am, it tells me a story in a way.  It reminds me that I'm content with my life which in turn means I'm not obsessed with being a certain size, I don't mind if I can't get in a size 10 these days, it's just not as important as other things in my life, as long as I'm healthy, I'm happy.

And for the times that my life does start to get a bit out of balance I find acceptance helps more than anything, whether that's something that's going on in my world or my weight, whatever 'issue' or situation is causing me not to be the usual 'content' me.  By acceptance, I don't mean resignation, I means understanding that the situation is what it is right now and 'hating' it or beating myself up isn't going to help or change it, but by accepting where I am, I know I'll find a way to get through it and come out the other side.

Even times as simple as waking up with a major mood on me because I'm hormonal, I just acknowledge that I'm about to have a crappy day and so is everyone around me, but tomorrow will be better and they'll get over it!

I'm not sure if I'm putting this across correctly, but I guess what I'm trying to say is beating yourself up isn't helping the situation at all, loving what is, now that's a much better way because we take care of things we love, we usually throw aside the things we hate! 

Sometimes life's difficult and we feel like we're trying to swim up a waterfall, when I feel like that, when I'm getting nowhere, I stop accept what is and go with the flow for a bit, sometimes you just can't change things that are happening in your life, but you can always change how you react to them.

So today, I'm accepting what is and moving forward towards what will be with a smile, now that's a great tone to set for the week.

Remember you don't have to improve or change or strive for perfection to be BeYOUtiful, just accept yourself and see how much easier things become.  Remind yourself that you are an incredible person because of all the good and bad things that have happened to you not in spite of them, stop looking at the past, let's live in the present and focus positively on the future.

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