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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Stop with the serious - it really ain't important

2nd May 2015
Don't take yourself so seriously....

I'm all chilled out and recharged thanks to my massage, a lovely walk and so much needed me time yesterday.

I'm smiling this morning too, I have been doing some work for Weight Watchers on top of my meetings and it's to put together assets for other leaders to use on social media, the photo above is one of them and I'm smiling because that's a photo of my mom and her parents, isn't she BeYOUtiful, notice I didn't say wasn't she, because although her appearance has changed she'll still that amazing lady she was in this photo.

I do love photos, I love to take them and I love to look back at them, every one holds a memory and with my memory not being the best, it's great to have the prompts.  I took a couple of shots yesterday on my walk, I love the yellow fields at this time of year, the bluebells and yesterday I saw a field of pigs!  Those pigs prove that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I've never thought they were particularly cute or attractive animals but seeing these two lying down sleeping together made me say "aahhh" because they look so content and perfect lying there.

So I'm working this morning, then I have all afternoon to decide what to do with myself, I'm planning a couple of hours reading magazines in the garden (if it's warm enough),  I do have a mammoth task to do sometime before Tuesday for my meetings next week so I may get that started as I think it could take me a good while to complete.

The one thing I intend to do today is giggle because laughter really is the best medicine, I was talking to a friend yesterday who'd been getting all worked up over a problem and had been bought back down to earth by a comment of a young girl.  We both agreed that sometimes we get caught up in life and take it all too seriously, when in reality most of what we're stressing about isn't really important, it usually sorts itself out in the end. 

I'm sat here drinking my lemon infused water, looking forward to seeing my members this morning and taking a moment to appreciate the beauty that's right outside my window, you don't have to be walking through the countryside to see something worth looking at, the blossom on the trees right now is incredible. 

Right I'm waffling, I'm in one of those full of gratitude and "isn't the world an amazing place" kind of moods, so I'll get on with my morning. 

Have a great day whatever you're doing and remember to not take life so seriously after all no one gets out alive BeYOUtiful.

Apparently Our DNA is 96% chimpanzee. Is that even worth taking ourselves seriously?

In the words of Joe Rogan (Whoever he is) "If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.”  

So yeah life is more fun when you don't take it too seriously.

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