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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Eating pineapples ain't I!

16th May 2015
A mistake repeated more than once is a decision!
Now and again the universe sends me message from different place and eventually I listen, over the last week I've seen various things about eating good foods, one was a short video about pesticides in our body from the pesticides that are being used on our food https://www.yahoo.com/health/this-is-how-eating-organic-affects-the-pesticide-118942216062.html.  Another was a quote I read, "You are what you eat eats".  I had to think about that one for a while, basically it meant what's the food that you're eating, eating, what do the animals on your plate get fed, what about the fruit and vegetables, what are they being sprayed with, it's worth a thought. There were also numerous other things that got me  thinking about the quality of the food I eat, I used to focus on this much more than I have do lately. 

So in true Beverley style I went to the extreme with my shopping yesterday and bought as healthy as I could, including organic where possible.  I've bought organic eggs and milk for a long time, the eggs taste better and I want to make sure the cows have at least lived out in fields at some point in their lives!

I wandered round Sainsbury's for ages, I so love doing that, it's like a day out for me, like walking meditation, it recharges my food soul.  You might think that's silly but seriously I love to love at the foods and remind myself of the stuff that I enjoy and that nourishes my soul.

Now I know this organic and fresh fruit and veggies aren't cheap but my decision yesterday was my body is the most precious thing I own so I can therefore justify spending my hard earned wages on it, that'll do me more good than buying expensive clothes, handbags or shoes, or even a flash car!  So good food it was.

I couldn't get everything organic of course but I could put just healthy foods in my trolley.  I'm doing my fruit challenge as it's not the norm for me eating fruit so I'm making a conscious effort to include it, yesterday I had raspberries - they're delicious at the moment, I could eat them easily every day and more than the 200g in the tub, but they're not exactly cheap are they!  I also had pineapple, I even went to the faff of chopping up a fresh one, what a messy nightmare that is, but I shall persist, I'm a grown up, I can tackle a pineapple - oo that rhymed, almost!

If you're struggling at the moment, it's time to realise you have to make your healthy a priority, say this out loud "I am important, my health is important and I'm going to prioritise me!"  You cannot take care of anyone else if you're not taking care of yourself! 

One you've realised that and said it out loud, your journey has begun, because we lose weight mentally before we lose weight physically.  You have to make the decision, you have to make the commitment.  You are going to do this!

Remember though, you have to be comfortable where you are now to get to where you're going, I say it often no one takes care of something they don't like!  So give yourself a virtual hug, have a look in the mirror, smile and say "you're BeYOUtiful, you're also awesome, so now let's get healthy!"

If you're in good health at the moment, if nothing hurts and your blood pressure is good and you cholesterol levels fine, you might be finding it tough to think about the health implications of a diet that you may not even see the results of, even though your future self will be pleased, ten years down the line, the lack of strokes and heart attacks, not getting diabetes, yeah that'll make it all worth it.   So acknowledge that it's not just your physical health that's affected by the food you eat, it's your mood and emotional well being too!  Start keeping a food/body/mood diary, notice how differently you feel when you eat specific foods.  I know if I eat bread products, that can include crumpets and thins as well as bread, even pizza, that my body gets all sluggish, my stomach swells and gets bloaty, my body just doesn't like it.  I'm fine with dairy and great with protein.  We're all different and foods affect us all in different ways, also the quantity of a food you eat will make a difference. 

Start paying attention to yourself and start taking care of yourself.  There was no junk in my shopping trolley yesterday which is a great start to a healthy week for me.  Here's to the same for you BeYOUtiful. xx

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