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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Check me out - ready for my week!

31st May 2015
Every day you wait is another day you won't get back.

That quote has given me a kick up the bum, I was just about to do a meal planner starting tomorrow, then realised I still have today!  Therefore my meal plan will start from today, I have Rogan Josh curry for dinner, it's already cooked and I never got round to cooking the roasted cauliflower yesterday so I'll have that with it, now I need to play the rest of the week!

I didn't buy much 'food' in my supermarket shop yesterday, as I have so much in the cupboards already, I only went because I had a £9 coupon if I spent £60 - it has to be done and it was the last day of the 25% off 6 bottles of wine offer ;) good job I don't drink more just because there's more in the house isn't it!  I'm now well and truly stocked up, I even got a £10 off my next shop as something was cheaper in Asda, so next week I've got a £12 off £60 shop plus the £10 from yesterday, it has been my week where money things have been concerned, none of them massive amounts but that's the third of this type of thing that's happened, it's all good!

So I'm going to stop typing and go check out the cupboards for my meal plan, back in a bit.....

I'm back, that took longer than I expected, I had to feed 'not my cat', that's what I call him/her, then I decided to mark up all the food in my cupboards with a marker pen so they have the ProPoints on them.

My meal plan now looks like this;

Dinner - Rogan Josh (6pp), pilau rice (5pp), asparagus and spiced roasted cauliflower (2pp)
Tea - Actifry chip butty 10pp

out for lunch
Tea - fish finger (3 for 5pp) on Warburton thin (3pp) for tea

Dinner - cod (2pp) and Quinoa, grains and red rice mix (6pp) with veggies
Tea  - curry beans (4pp) on jacket potato (5pp)

Dinner - tuna, wholewheat spaghetti, chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables in cherry tomato and parmesan sauce 10pp
Tea  - Mackerel on toast 8pp

Dinner - Trout 4pp, mashed potato, vegetables
Tea  - red and white quinoa (7pp) with a fried egg (3pp),

Friday - out all day!  Damage limitation!

Dinner/Tea - Salmon in maggi paper 7pp, Mixed grains (7pp)

That's me sorted!  And it wasn't that difficult either, nor did it take that long, but I do know I've included foods I wouldn't have included had I not gone and looked through my cupboards.  Now I've got meals to look forward too, not much cooking involved, all pretty easy to prepare, here's to a great week - starting TODAY! 

So what's your plan, do you have one?  Are you ready for your week?  I am now, if I'd left it till tomorrow, I'd have missed a day and there would have been a possibility I wouldn't have done it tomorrow either.

Enjoy your Sunday, it looks yucky out there, I think I might curl up with a good book, mmm might have to include a mug of hot chocolate too.  Catch ya tomorrow. xx

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