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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Nothing changes if you stay the same!

14th May 2015
The past is where you learned the lesson.  The future is where you apply the lesson.

Blooming alarm clock scared me to death this morning, I really do have to get it to play radio rather than a beeping roar!  I don't usually get woken by it as I'm already awake but I'd work seen I had half hour left and snoozed back off, I could happily have stayed there this morning, I'll be awake in half hour after I've blogged and drank some more water!

Yes I'm still drinking my water, I bet it's been a good month since I started drinking a pint first thing and now it's automatic, pour a glass then fill the kettle.  This is my new plan, as I've lost my healthy way a little the last few months, so trying to change everything back to how I was all at once isn't happening really well so instead I'm going to change one thing at a time - small steps, so first step was water and that's now done.  The next step I've chosen is fruit, eating a piece of fruit every day, I think from memory I decided to do it last Wednesday, I nipped into Asda and bought the ready prepared stuff, since then I've managed at least one piece a day, they've included; strawberries, melon, grapes, mango, pineapple, satsumas, bananas.  Writing that I've just decided to see how many different ones I can try as well as all the different minerals and vitamins come from all the different fruits.

I reckon if I keep making a conscious effort to do it, it'll soon become a habit and I need more good habits reinstalling to get me back to where I was.  I might get some jelly and have some frozen berries in them, that'd be nice, could have a yogurt on it too.

Sometimes we have to restart, or change what we're doing to make the changes in our life we want.  If we don't make changes then everything stays as it is and that's not always a good thing. 

If we feel stuck or unhappy, then something needs to give, someone I know made a huge life change yesterday and that was really brave and probably incredibly difficult but they obviously knew it needed to be done and I admire them for that, I've been there, it's scary!

I'm not unhappy at the moment, actually being so happy and content is probably why I do feel like I need to make changes, my eating habits have changed and not for the good, so I will work on getting back to the controlled, balanced, healthy lifestyle with just the right splash of excess, I know I will.   And if it takes me a long time, that's absolutely fine because I'm as patient with myself as I would be with someone else.  I've noticed that isn't the case with a lot of people, they're really patient with others, their family and friends but really critical and impatient of themselves, no wonder they can't make the changes when they're constantly berating themselves and expecting so much!

On that note, I'm away to get ready for work, it's my leave the house at half seven morning and get home tonight over 12 hours later!  Thankfully I do get to come home for a few hours in-between to grab lunch and do paperwork and luckily those Bloxwich babes do make those 12 hours fly by with their banter and their smiles.

Hope your days as good as mine is going to be and remember if you eat how you've always eaten, you'll weigh what you've always weighed - make some changes BeYOUtiful. xx

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