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Thursday, 21 May 2015

How can you help yourself feel good today?

21st May 2015
We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own 'to do' lists.

Heard mom get up this morning and I was awake 20 minutes before my alarm went off, so instead of just starting my day earlier because I was awake, I went and had a lie on moms bed with Alfie, we had 5 minutes of "Us Time", it was nice, not had a cuddle off my mom for a long time.  What a wonderful way to start the day, a reminder that it's not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters.

I was a happy lady yesterday, more so than usual, firstly because I received a 100% certificate from Weight Watchers to say I'd achieved 100% in member satisfaction, that was awesome to hear, everyone likes to be told they're doing a good job I'm sure, for me it makes me want to keep that standard and continue giving that satisfaction.  

The other reason was I finally decided I wanted a nutribullet, I know they've been all the rage for a good while now but I've not bothered because of the price and because I know it'll likely be a fad like almost every other gadget I've bought in the past, I can hope it won't be.  Anyway I was sat here thinking 'shall I?' when I remembered I'd had some Tesco clubcard points this week, so I logged in on line to check and I'd got £47, better still Tesco were doing a turn £5 into £10 offer, so that meant I'd got £94 which meant the nutribullet would only cost me a fiver!  I started to order it and it would only let me use £25 worth of vouchers so I rang the help line.  Well customer service must have been the thing of the day becuase the lady I spoke to was brilliant, she was polite, friendly and really helpful, not only did she sort out my order but worked out that I had 2 cards, an old one with £25 and my current one with £47, so she was going to merge them and now I have a nutribullet on its way and another £25 to think about what to spend it on because it's worth £50 at the moment.  You can't moan at that, I don't even shop in Tesco, I just have a Tesco credit card which I put everything on and pay off at the end of the month, this earns me points.  Can't wait to play with my new toy, carrot and spinach juices here I come!

Last night was a cracking night at my meeting, the first one was absolutely buzzing, there's something about a room full of people, all there for a common cause and all wanting each other to do well, it fab.  I seriously love my job because without it, I wouldn't get to meet some of the amazing people that I do, I'm just not a sociable person who 'goes out' so I wouldn't come into contact with this wonderful folk any other way, and what's not to love about a lady who gets super excited at the prospect of eating coco rocks whilst on her holiday!  You may have had to be there for that one ;)  Or you lovely young lady who told me she reads my blog, I was pleased to hear that, she's a good twenty years younger than me, it's nice to know someone so young finds what I have to say interesting!

So it has been observed that since I'm drinking more water and eating fruit, I'm not as tired on a Thursday night, well actually what my helper said was I'm not as cranky for that first ten minutes!   I had actually noticed this myself but wanted to wait and see if it was a fluke the last few weeks or if it continued, we shall see, but I think by eating fruit I'm probably adding lots of minerals and vitamins I wasn't before and the water is keeping me hydrated, I actually had to ask my helper to go get me a bottle out of my car last night because I was so thirsty (even though I'd drunk plenty that day) and I didn't want a coffee.

So fruit and veggies, I like the idea of eating a rainbow everyday and I've just found this info on the web as to why it's good to eat a variety,
Here is a very basic run down on each colour group and how it helps our bodies:
Red: Very heart healthy and gives strength support to our joints!
Orange: A great source of Vitamin C. The orange group helps keep our eyes healthy!
Yellow: This group is good for our skin and helps our digestive system!
Green: Helps our entire body and strengthens our immune systems which means less colds!
Purple: Purple/blue foods are excellent for our brains! They help us with our memory and also help keep some cancers away!

Here's an image to show you which come under each category, save you thinking :)

And here's how you can include them in your day;

Add raisins, bananas or berry to your cereeal.
Make a smoothie.

Dip veggies in a low ProPoint dressing or fruit chunks into yogurt.
Make fruit kebabs out of pineapple, grapes, strawberries and melon.
If you eat fruit in juice, make ice cubes out of the juice and use in cocktails in the summer (it can't all be serious!)

Keep fruit available to snack on.

Lunch / Dinner
Salads & soups, add salads to your sandwiches, thins, wraps & pittas.

Why not add fruit (apples, pineapple, raisins or celery) to your pasta / potato salads

fruit salad, top with yogurt or ice cream
meringue nest with strawberries and squirty cream.

Make it fun for the kids, get them to make pictures on their plates out of veggies, brocolli can be the trees, cauli the clouds :)

Let's sign off there, you know I'm going to be making me a picture on a plate now don't you ;) it's the little things...

Have a tremendous Thursday BeYOUtiful, make time for you because you're important too.

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