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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Love me a bit of Vitamin D.

17th May 2015
Love yourself enough to live a healthy life.

Up since 4am because I've got paperwork to do and an area meeting this morning, if I don't get it done this morning I'll have to work this afternoon, and its Sunday and I don't want to work on a Sunday so here I'm sat ready to work.  My alarm didn't go off, that was set for 6, I just woke up and couldn't go back to sleep.

So yesterday was a good day, I did my meeting on the morning, then spent a few hours in my garden, put together a couple of hanging baskets with a white flower that looked really good last year, I planted some raspberries someone gave me and then I decided to go to the garden centre to see what they had to offer.  I wanted some instant colour for outside my kitchen window.   The first one had nothing that took my fancy, even the fruit that's usually good there - wasn't!  Yep I was cheeky I tried one of their raspberries and it was sour so I put the tub back!  Then at Dobbies I got me a lovely large purple plant that will flower for a good few weeks to brighten my morning.  In the last garden centre they had some ready made up hanging baskets and for £10 each, I had 8, that's saved me making up the rest, I know have a basket on every fence post in the back garden and some are already flowering thanks to the readymade ones, two have black velvet like flowers, they're just stunning.  Next year I'm going to order them beforehand as I noticed they do that.

So 11,000 steps clocked up on my fitbit, some much needed vitamin D and fresh air and some really lovely down time.  I then spent a bit of time cooking our tea, we had pan fried trout with chorizo, spring onions and peppers served on a bed of quinoa.  I was cooking the trout in the oven but as much as I searched I couldn't find the foil and mom was out walking Alfie.  I live a 'can't find' life, I could spend hours looking for things in my house, I bought tights from Asda two weeks ago, they've not been seen since, I just stop looking, mom puts things somewhere and I just wait for them to turn back up, it's easier than getting wound up looking for them.  I mentioned the foil later in the day after we'd eaten, and she come walking in with this long roll, apparently it was in the "foil container", erm where might that be?  We laughed about it and went back to watching our tele. 

My members have now lost over 10,000lbs this year, and 22 of them have achieved their goal how fantastic is that, there's no better sight that seeing a member realise they've hit their target and it's a great feeling handing them their gold certificate.  

One of those amazing gold members is doing Race for Life this year, Tracy had a mastectomy five weeks ago, after she found a lump in her breast, which had she not lost weight, she may not have found! This turned out to be invasive lobular breast cancer and after the mastectomy Tracy was told that she had 8 tumours in total, clustered together they measured a total of 8.5cm.   She's now waiting to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy and 2 further surgeries.  On her JustGiving page she writes; 

"I didn't think I would be able to do this race so soon and I actually only registered yesterday 15.05.15 after my 2 friends who were already registered encouraged me that I could do it.  I've been doing short walks with my friends and to start with they had to fasten the laces on my trainers as I couldn't even bend over!"
Now I know Tracy's a fighter, and I know she really wants to use what's happened to her in a positive way, to help other see you can survive cancer, this is another way she's making a difference by raising money, if you can spare a pound or two, please donate at https://www.justgiving.com/tracybrown41/ 

Always make sure you go for those checks BeYOUtiful, where it's the smear, the mammogram, if you find a lump don't ignore it, get it checked!

Now go enjoy your Sunday, looks like it's going to be a lovely day, I'll hopefully get to enjoy a few hours later this afternoon!

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