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Monday, 18 May 2015

Here I go again ;)

18th May 2015
"O God, help me to believe the truth about myself no matter how beautiful it is!" Macrina Weiderkher, a Benedictine nun

Working on a Sunday, having to be there by 9am, shouldn't be allowed!  However once I'd got over that fact and dropped my grumpy vibe, I actually enjoyed the morning and came away with a few ideas.  It was also nice to get to know some of our team as I don't really feel as though I know any of them that well, we only get an area meeting every couple of months and I missed the last one, so yes it was good to get to chat.

My heart went in my mouth as I almost arrived home, the street leading to mine was blocked and there were police and ambulances and I think a fire engine, I had to go round the other way and all that was going through my mind was it's 3.30 when mom usually walks Alfie and she crosses there, I hope to god she isn't in that accident!  She wasn't but bless her she was soon out the house and off to look! 

Later on I ended up with a poorly mom, her stomach was really hurting and that worries us both a little as that was how she ended up in hospital last time, she went and lay down and eventually went to sleep.  When I'm not there, I can't control what's she's eating and when I get back she's usually forgotten, I'll have to think about that, maybe keep a note of what's in the kitchen so I can work out what she's had, as she needs to keep her diet under control so that we don't end up with her back in the hospital. 

It's so important for us to eat a healthy diet, literally her life depends on it!  I think if we thought about it, we'd all realise actually all our lives depend on it, we just ignore that fact because it doesn't show itself so readily and we don't but the two and two together, for example diabetes, that's mostly bought on because of diet, and a bad diet contributes to so many other conditions.  I was listening to something this weekend and apparently the life expectancy of a child born now is in its 60's, for the first time, the next generation are expected not to live as long as their parents!  That's not good!

Healthy doesn't have to mean boring, you've got to enjoy your food, it's very hard to stick to a 'diet' if it's awful.  Make sure the healthy food you eat is delicious!  I'm not one for mung beans and the like, those health 'freak's might think they're living longer by eating all of that stuff but I reckon it actually just feels like they're living longer because of the terrible, tasteless food they're eating!

And that's why I'm doing my best to get that balance back, I'm still drinking the water, that's going really well, I drank a litre whilst I was at my meeting yesterday, I did also succumb to some chocolate that had been put on our table.  That frustrates me when I eat something just because it's there, I wouldn't have wanted chocolate yesterday had it not been there, wasted ProPoints for sure!  I know I should've resisted but I just don't have that in me at the moment, I'm struggling with the willpower, if it's there, I'm having it.  However I did manage to resist McDonalds and KFC even though I drove past so many on the way there and back and was so tempted as it would've cheered me up on the way there because I had to work on a Sunday and that sucked, then on the way home my justification would have been to save me having to cook because I'd had to work on a Sunday and that sucked!

The mind can find a reason to justify anything it wants to eat, well mine can anyways!

I'm also doing really well with my fruit, yesterday I had pineapple and cherries, they were delicious, I even stopped at Sainsbury's to get more raspberries on the way home, I realised if I was happy to pay £10 for a KFC sod it bucket I could buy £10 worth of raspberries to last me a few days!

I get weighed at our area meetings and they weren't kind yesterday, I had a gain, I'm not surprised, I've been getting away with it the last few weeks, not tracking, so here I go again, having a word with myself, getting the tracker back out, saying well done me for upping my water and eating my fruit, for making the food I'm eating mostly good nutritious, delicious food.  Then saying now stop with the eating more than you need and drinking more than you should, if I haven't got the ProPoints this week, I'm not having it - there, I've wrote that commitment down, so I now know I'll do it!

Monday morning and it's raining, so here's to making our own sunshine BeYOUtiful, enjoy your day. xx

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