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Sunday, 24 May 2015


24th May 2015
Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  Be kind. Always.

Another amazing week, so much success another 450lb lost this week, and I've seen some amazing before and now photos in my facebook members closed group, I love to see them all sharing their success and supporting each other.

Yesterday when I weighed Julie and David, I asked them about the wedding they'd attended last Saturday had gone, I know Julie was looking forward to wearing her new red dress, she showed me her photo and a photo of them both take ten months previously at another wedding. Julie told me it was lovely to be able to attend wearing a dress she'd chosen to wear and not buying something just because it fit!  That's one of the benefits of losing weight, more choice!  I'm sure you'll agree they have both done incredibly well, Julie's lost over 7 stone with Weight Watchers and David almost 5 stone so far, just awesome, I'm very, very proud of both of them.

We're all in those meetings supporting each other, working on improving our healthy, losing weight and living happy, I love to be in those rooms each week sharing in everyone's success.We're all following the plan and each week for the last 3 weeks I've given us all a challenge, we're all embracing it and I personally feel it's helping me, I'm still drinking plenty of water even 3 weeks later and my fruit intake is most definitely higher, had me some amazing watermelon yesterday!  This week my challenge was to not eat at my desk but to stop and cook some lunch and stop to eat, I've done that.

It was only going to be 8 challenges over 8 weeks but instead I'm going to continue, every week from now I will challenge my members to make one tweak each week #1tweakaweek, if we all focus on the same thing, we will be able to support each other in doing it too, after all together is better.

I've really felt the benefits from the changes I've been making, there's much less junk hanging round the house so I'm eating fruit instead, foods affect our bodies in different ways and I know eating lots of bread makes me sluggish.  If you've never really stopped to observe the affects different foods have on your body, remember food takes two or three hours to get in the blood, so think of how you feel two or three hours after you've eaten and you'll start to realise what suits you and what doesn't - cake and chips might leave you feeling more tired than vegetables.

I know they don't have the same effect on your emotional state or taste the same and there's nothing wrong with eating these foods as long as there a balance, and that balance is a healthy one, not tipped too much towards the junk food. 

Stop rewarding yourself with food - you're not a dog! 

That one statement really packs a punch doesn't it!  The first time I read it I was offended, or angered for some reason, I don't really know what the emotional was but it wasn't a positive one, then I realised that I felt that way because there was some element of truth to it.  When something really offends us or angers us in this way, it's usually because there's an element of truth to it!  And there was, I do reward myself with food, not as much now as I maybe once did but there's still that moment where I'll think wow I did good, let's celebrate with a food party for one!   Mostly I treat myself to a nice bath or my weekly massage, that's my reward these days. 

Anyway it's Sunday and I'm waffling, I need to get my paperwork done, then I'm not sure how I intend to spend my day, so many things I can be doing, will I do any of them, we shall see.

Whatever your plans are, enjoy your day and remember if you're following the plan,  that means sticking to your ProPoints and tracking, even at the weekends, especially on a Bank Holiday! 

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