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Friday, 26 December 2014

Will we get snow?

26th December 2014
You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. John Maxwell

We had a wonderful day, did you?  It was just perfect, mom slept till gone 8, then I took her a mug of tea and her tablets before we both went down to open all our gifts, they were all fabulous, we were both very pleased with everything we got.  There appeared to be a theme running through my stash, wine and owls, I don't know why that was ;-), I even got a money box with "Bev's Red Wine Fund" on it, that made me giggle.  I'd say one of moms favourites from her reaction was her flower pot man and wheelbarrow from Sheila, she was very taken by him, oh just everything was absolutely lovely and we both felt very spoilt and lucky to receive such loveliness.  I now have some epic signs hanging round my house .

We took a Christmas selfie with Alfie, mom couldn't hold the boy too long, apparently he's heavy, so he'll be going on a diet too in the new year!  Both of us had our Christmas jumpers on and we all wore hats, although as you can see Alfie's kept slipping down. 

Well I slaved over a hot stove all morning for lunch as you can see (NOT), mom got the egg, chips and beans she'd requested and I had the same but I had parsnip and pigs in blankets with mine, it was Christmas day after all.  Was so nice to chill out all day with mom and not have to do anything, including get dressed.

We had an early morning visit off my brother Ian, then all was peace and calm in our household.

Oh I almost forgot, my Christmas muffins that we had for breakfast were amazing if I do say so myself, muffins I can bake well, they were so light, just delicious, can't beat warm muffins.  Dried cranberries are very nice, first time I've tried them and I liked them a lot. Recipe is here if you want to try http://wwbevsworld.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/planning-christmas-morning-breakfast-mmm.html

So that's it for another year, it may only be a day but it really is a day that lifts our spirits in the middle of these long cold months, it's a day that makes us realise how blessed we are and thanks now to Facebook it's a day where we can enjoy seeing what a wonderful day others are having.  Thanks to the power of technology I even got a Facetime chat with my bestie and her kids, we both agreed we'll stick to texting in future lol, seeing those faces that early in the day without alcohol in my bloodstream is scary ;), I'll get to see their precious faces tomorrow though as they're coming over for the day, just need to decide what we're eating.  It's either steak for half of us and pizza for the other half, or I can do a roast dinner or the kids can decide what they want.  Either way if they don't opt for the roast that'll be what I'll be making today because I fancy chicken, mash, sprouts and gravy!

I do like this easy going, simple life I have, the only other thing I have to do this week is read my book, stressful ay :) Not even going to think about the work stuff for the next 7 days unless I fancy doing so.

Apparently there has been a weather warning;

Friday 26 December Published at 00:04
Weather Warning Issued by the Met Office
YELLOW WARNING OF SNOW for Northern Ireland, central and northern England and much of Wales
Updated 25 December at 09:56
Valid from 1100 on Fri 26 December to 0600 on Sat 27 December
An area of rain, sleet and snow is expected to spread eastwards across parts of Northern Ireland, England and Wales during Boxing Day before clearing during the evening and overnight.
A lot of uncertainty surrounds how much snow will occur, but there is the risk of several centimetres even at low levels. As precipitation clears, roads could turn very icy.
The public should be aware of the potential for disruption from snow. Please watch for updates to this warning. especially if travelling.
Could be worse I guess could be a warning of yellow snow! 

Well I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and you're going to have another one today BeYOUtiful. xx

Here's our day in photos if you'd like to look;

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