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Thursday, 11 December 2014

My bestie is so generous!

11th December 2014
Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles we have and offer thanks for all the troubles we don’t have.

So how lovely is my bestie, she’s given me the lurgy!  Woke up yesterday feeling fabulous then as the day went on I was aware of that scratchy feeling in the throat I get when I’m about to be attacked by a cold and it arrived in the night, thankfully I don’t feel too dreadful, just a bit bunged up, nothing good old lemsip can’t handle I’m sure and some night nurse tonight before bed.

Another good healthy day yesterday, a replay of the meals the day before with a slight tweak on breakfast, I had peppered cherry tomatoes and egg on toast.  I’ve just realised I haven’t got anything ready for today but I do know there are some prepared frozen meals in the freezer or salmon so I’ll take one or the other out. 

Mom’s not been 100% the last few days either so I’m hoping that’s nothing serious and she’s got the same lurgy as I’m just starting.

I was told about a delicious recipe last night in my meetings which I think I’m going to have to try this weekend, steak and ginger wine hot pot, mmm it’s in an old Weight Watcher cook book called delicious, so if it’s any good I may share the recipe with you all, as I’ll have to retype it and a busy Thursday morning is not the time to be doing that.

I also want to get me a mango as I fancy a smoothie recipe I’ve seen in the new Weight Watcher cookbook to be launched in January – I’ve already had my copy, looks good.  I’m thinking some fruit and vitamin C may help shift this cold a bit sharpish, I haven’t got time for illness.  My weekend is planned. 

Tomorrow once I’ve done all my work about lunchtime, I plan to wrap all my Christmas presents whilst enjoying a nice glass of wine from a bottle a leader friend gave me, her husband is quite the connoisseur so I’m really looking forward to that.

Think I’ll stop at the garage on the way to work and get me a bag of satsumas or some fruit and natural yogurt, it’ll all help my speedy recovery I’m sure.   I don’t have time for illness ;) on that note I’m going to get myself off and get started on my day!

I do fancy soup today though I think, do I make some or buy some, that could be lunch actually a nice big bowl of steaming hot soup, shop bought today I think, a vegetable on full of goodness, mmm, I’m sure the garage will have a pot.  Yeah that’s lunch sorted, mom will eat that too and it’ll be good for her as well although she won’t believe me! 

14 more sleeps till Christmas, two weeks today, that’s potentially 42 more meals before you wake up Christmas morning, let’s make some of them healthy ones shall we, I’m going for healthy today for sure.  Quite looking forward to a steaming bowl of soup now!

Healthy and happy forever.

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