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Thursday, 25 December 2014


25th December 2014
I think as you grow older you Christmas list gets shorter, because the things you want can't be bought.
YAY it's Christmas Day!  My fitbit alarm woke me up, it's set for Tues, Weds, Thurs morning just in case and it didn't know I wasn't going to work this morning because I didn't tell it ;) now to wait for mom to wake up, that could be a while as it's only 5.23 now!  Not to worry I can mess about in my office until then I'm sure, I've waited this long, I can wait a little longer to open all my wonderful, thoughtful gifts my friends, family and members have bought me, I have done well I have to say!

So yesterday was awesome, I got to spend the morning with some of my helpers who are fabulous and great company, they even bought me food, we had samosas, pokoras and manchester tart mmm!   I was so impressed by all my members coming for their last weigh in with me of the year, and on the morning I handed out two 5% certificates, Karen achieved her 50lb  and Mandy hit her goal, add that to the 120.5lb they all lost yesterday and our total for the year in my meetings was an incredible 22,048lb, just an amazing amount, I'm so proud of each and every member who's stood on my scales this year, and I'm also proud of those that are making the decision to do it in January 2015, taking care of yourself is the biggest gift you can ever give to yourself.

As I was driving off the car park of my Bloxwich meeting a member came walking round, she'd caught 2 buses to get weight and was 8 minutes late, we soon sorted that out, I got the scales out the boot (couldn't get back in the venue) and she said I'll have to leave my boots on I've got no socks on, we sorted that too, I had cardboard for her to stand on so she could have a proper weigh in without her boots and she'd lost 1.5lb so it was worth her effort! 

My mom spent most of yesterday afternoon suggesting we open our presents or stay up till midnight to be allowed to open them!  I didn't let her.  It's going to be lovely this morning with our morning mug of tea, sitting together opening them.  I'm really looking forward to spending the whole day with my mom.  My sister popped round Tuesday to see mom and my brother came last night, my other brother is nipping in today because he was working till quite late last night and is on call all day today too.  The joys of having to earn a living ay!

I'm sat here thinking about how wonderful this morning will be in all those houses out there this morning, filled with happy smiling faces, laughter and love, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.  So all that's left to say is enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, eat, drink and be merry because you can.

Stop just for a moment and appreciate all the love you have in your life and how blessed you truly are, Merry Christmas.

And if you've stopped believing, read this, it'll remind you why you should always Believe xx

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