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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Off to make lunch...

9th December 2014
Forget what’s gone, appreciate what remains, and look forward to what’s coming next.

I know I’ve harped on about my ten year thing for a whole now but I promise to stop it in a minute but it was 10 years today I did my first meeting on my own without back up, it was Bushbury and we had to call the firemen out because there was smoke coming from the ceiling, I think that’s what their call making an impact!  WOW 10 years, how times have changed, all good though and hopefully they will continue to be good for the future.

I’m so looking forward to having a week off to chill and recharge but also to prepare for 2015, normally I have to rush round at this time of year because of going away and having to get everything done for when I get back but this year I can take my time thankfully.  I think I might have to look into getting a new computer as this one works slower than me! I’d get my work done in half the time if my computer was a decent speed.

Ooo just logged on to Weight Watchers online via my computer and the site has been updated in line with the Weight Watchers Your Way, looking good, can’t wait till the app changes too then we’ll have everything we need to make 2015 awesome!

I’ve realised just whilst having a quick look at the site that I really do need to get back into eating plenty veggies and I could do with adding in some fruit, it’s the one thing I don’t bother too much with and I should.  Yes back to basics – I know again but isn’t that what life’s all about, restarting when you need to whether that’s your diet, your job, your relationships, not many things stay the same forever, actually I don’t think anything does, so restarting is a good thing and I’m actually feeling the love for the idea. 

I defrosted that beef and chicken yesterday but mom fancied egg and chips then I ended up vegging out in front of the tv so that meats still in the fridge, but I’ll use it today, I’m fancying a big pan of beef stew and I’m still deciding what to do with the chicken.  What I do know is I’m ready for some healthy eating, even mom commented on a meal she saw on the tv yesterday with lots of veggies and said ‘that looks nice’, obviously she’s ready for some good healthy eating too.

I think breakfast is going to be a boiled egg with a bagel, so that’s 7pp to start off my day, but that’s the food that’s in the house and needs using so that’s the breakfast I’m having.

Going to cut this short so I can go chop veggies and get my stew on before I go to work, that way I’ll have a meal to come home to.

Have a great day, don’t stop planning and tracking just yet, Christmas is still just over 2 weeks away!

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