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Monday, 22 December 2014

Only went and lost weight!

22nd December 2014
"If you know yourself, you'll not be harmed by what is said about you." Lorde

Well my curry night out with my mate turned into posh nosh at the Crown on the Wergs road instead because she'd had an impromptu curry the night before.  Every happens for a reason and we had a wonderful evening and a fabulous meal.   I indulged in scallops for starter, a roast turkey dinner for main  and dessert was sticky toffee pudding of which I actually left half because I really was stuffed.  My reward for doing that was a pound weight loss this morning - GET IN! 

I'm determined not to gain lots this Christmas, my food delivery comes today, and there are no tins of chocolates or biscuits in this house, I bought my jar of peanut butter but when I tasted it, it wasn't that good, think I may be cured!  Or it may be its because I didn't buy SunPat!

I need to get my kitchen sorted today ready for the food that has to come into it!  I think I'll get my delivery sheet and plan a few meals , yeah that can be this afternoons task, we already know Christmas dinner is egg and chips by request of mom, followed by Christmas pudding and custard.  Breakfast is Christmas muffins but what about the rest of the week. I've got a spatchcock chicken in the freezer I bought because it was reduced to £3, I'll take that out tonight to cook tomorrow, so I have room in the freezer for the couple of bits that are being delivered today.

So what day is it, Monday, think I'll cook the potatoes that are in the kitchen to use them as they won't last much longer, feeling the love for mashed potato I think, mmm what to have with them, will check out the cupboards.

Feeling very calm this morning, I'm on wind down for my break for sure, just tomorrow and Wednesday then I'm meeting free till January, love my job but really looking forward to doing nothing for a week.

Ooo just checking out the Weight Watcher website and there's a recipe of Bailey's Banana muffins and a posh Bailey's mousse, most people have a bottle of Bailey's knocking about at this time of year, as yet I've resisted!  It's taken some willpower though I have to admit.  I just know I would drink it all to myself over ice in no time at all and that's 97pp per litre bottle!

At least your typical Christmas dinner is predominantly Filling & Healthy it's all those extra's, 1 tablespoon of double cream or a 50ml glass of sherry will cost you 2pp, a 50ml glass of port or 1 tablespoon of clotted cream or 125ml champagne will set you back 3pp.  Those are the things that add up and let's be honest how many people will actually measure the portions they have!  How easy is it to pour 2 or 3 tablespoons of cream, or a rather hefty glass of whatever booze you choose! 

Just remember whatever happens in the coming week, come January 1st we can press the reset button and make a PACT to lose some weight, for me that pact involves,
Plan - Action - Continue - Triumph!

But until January 1st, it's damage limitation for me, have a great day BeYOUtiful, Happy Monday.

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