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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Taking responsibilty of me!

3rd December 2014
You are always responsible for how you act.  No matter how you feel.  Remember that.

What a fantastic day yesterday, I enjoyed handing out the new Weight Watchers your way books in the meetings and I even got a bit emotional in my first talk of the week, I love that this time it’s personal with the programme because over the last ten years I’ve met so many unique and inspirational people and their stories have changed me and the way I live my life.  Hearing people’s stories day in day out and just playing a small part makes me realise that we’re all going through ‘stuff’ and sometimes that stuff ain’t so great.  I’m proud to say in my meetings we leave that stuff behind for an hour and focus on the positive, on supporting each other in order to achieve our goals; we really are in it together through the good weeks and the bad.  We also have a giggle, which is just as important for sure, life can be taken too seriously at times I’m sure you’ll agree, so let’s laugh it off!

So without giving too much away, so far my members are loving all the new flavours, whether you’re vegetarian or gluten free or you just fancy a bit of a low carb option it’s all there, yesterday my lunch was both high carb and Mediterranean, it’s great to have something new to think about and some delicious meal ideas too!  It took less than 15 minutes too, wholewheat pasta with stir fried mushrooms, courgettes, cherry tomatoes, green pepper then I stirred through a spoonful of Philadelphia light ham flavour (my new favourite food) and popped a bit of salmon on the top.  It was delicious and quick – quick’s important at the moment because I’ve got so much going round in my head that means I need to be in my office!

I’m hoping it’s going to keep me focused because December is a dangerous month for me like so many of us, that temptation that is the festive season, so I’m going to be referring to my new WWYW book regularly to keep me on track.

I’ve got some tuna in the freezer, think I’ll get that out this morning and do the recipe on page 19 of the new book, and oh no hold on, I’m out for lunch - I forgot!  So the tuna can be tomorrow, it’s a Christmas dinner today, so light breakfast and light tea, see this WWYW can be any flavour you want,  particularly like the “go your own way” flavour because that’s when it gets really personalised, proving Weight Watchers can work for everyone!

I’m feeling the curry love too, since I had that curry sauce at the chippy last week I’ve been fancying it since, I need a tin of Homepride curry sauce, that’s quite sweet or the own branded low price ones you can get in the supermarkets, that with chips would be delicious, yeah that’s going on the menu plan.  My freezer is full and I need it to not be, so for the next few weeks I’m going to be using up the contents, so only shopping for essentials until then!

I love it when the excitement of Christmas and all the planned activities finally replace they grimness of the cold dark nights, and I’m happy to say that feeling has arrived in my heart at last, I’m having a fab week in my meetings and I know today and tomorrow will be equally as awesome.  I’ve got lunch out with two of my lovely helpers today, they’re treating me, it’s my Christmas gift (spoilt I am) and then Saturday I’m off to Manchester Christmas Market with 90 of my members (god help me!) and Sunday I get to go to an area meeting with my colleagues, I believe there will be a buffet so much behave and Sunday is also the 10 year anniversary of when I did my final assessment and officially became a leader.  Just thinking back over the last ten years makes me feel pleased and fills my face with a huge smile.

So I’m going to sign off with that smile on my face and go get coffee, it’s still pitch black outside but all I notice are the street lights, I’m looking on the bright side – YAY here’s to a fantastic day BeYOUtiful, healthy and happy all the way, Christmas is coming be good when you can, enjoy it when you can’t and move on immediately after. xx

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