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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Nearly there....

23rd December 2014
We all have two lives, the second one starts when we realise we only have one.  Tom Hiddleston.

I only went and did a bit of housework yesterday, don't get too excited I soon got bored but at least now you can walk down our hallway as I've moved all the magazines and Weight Watchers stock that was blocking it!

Last day of meeting talks today as tomorrows are all weigh only meetings so members can get a last chance to weigh before the big day.  Only two more sleeps and thankfully last night I did get a decent night's sleep unlike the two prior to that.  I can really tell too because when I get the sleep I need I multitask a lot, so at the moment I'm doing 3 things at once on the pc, and tabbing between them.

Christmas really is a time when hopefully you're reminded your world is full of wonderful people who are kind and caring. It's that time of year when you try to take the time out to appreciate those you love that little bit more, even more so if you've been too busy the rest of the year to remember to.  It's not a bad thing to try and be considerate of others all the time, to just stop and think before you speak or behave in a certain way sometimes and ask yourself if what you're about to say / do is necessary or of value.

So I was tagged on Facebook yesterday "thanks but I still don't want to play candy crush. Turn off yr Facebook invites."  Now some people think Candy Crush is a stupid waste of time and they're correct, that's exactly what it is, but that pointless game distracts me a lot especially when my mom is being super repetitive, it make it easier to listen to the same thing over & over again or when I have to answer the same question over and over. So if you don't want the invites, the simplest solution is simply to block the app. If you don't know how to google "blocking candy crush" and it'll give you step by step instructions. 

People really do live in their own little bubbles don't they not really thinking about other people's worlds and to be fair why should they, it's not their problem.  Some would say 'get a life' to those who waste time playing a silly game on their phone rather than wondering why they are wasting that time instead of doing something else and if they did stop to think they might realise it's not that easy or simple, very few things are.  Anyway moving on...

I had beautiful flowers delivered yesterday, totally unexpected it was both wonderful and very thoughtful, as always a kind gesture like that is truly appreciated.   I can't believe I've become a Christmas grown up, I have opened my Christmas presents, I've put them all in a bag ready for Christmas morning.  I'm sorry to admit unless a gift is kept away from me I have always opened it as soon as I am out of sight of the person who's given me the gift!  In the past I've said it was because we were going away and I didn't want to take those gifts with me in an already full car but it was really because I'm impatient and want to know NOW!  However this year I think I've finally grown up and I'm happy to wait until Christmas morning.  I'm not sure how I feel about this new patient me, it's a little strange, even my mate looked surprised when she gave me my gift on Sunday.  My bestie and I decided against giving gifts because it's too stressful for her to think of something I want, we buy each other gifts all the time when we see things we'd like, maybe next time we do that we should keep them for Christmas next year ;-).

I also got a gift with my food shopping delivery, Waitrose gave me a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates to apologise for being 5 minutes late, which to be honest this week you don't expect them to be on time, but it was a lovely gesture.  They also substituted my chicken (which was part of a 3 for £10 deal) for a £9 free range one (you don't pay the difference - nice one!   The chocolates made me smile because I've made a conscious effort not to buy all the Christmas goodies I wouldn't bother with any other time and they've given me a box, we think we might share them Christmas day, they're not a huge box and it is Christmas after all.

It really is HO HO HO week isn't it, let's enjoy it without turning it into OH NO NO week, enjoy your day whether you're still at work or not BeYOUtiful!

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