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Monday, 8 December 2014

And rest...

8th December 2014
I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter. Walt Disney

I was so tired yesterday and I was so glad to get into bed last night, so keen to get there I went at half past seven, and I’ve slept for ten hours, now I almost feel human again!  And today is going to be mostly a day off, I will do what I fancy, if that involves a little bit of work so be it, but only if I want to, I’ve worked two Sundays on the trot and am in some desperate need of quiet time.  Throw in a few hormones yesterday and I was a bit of an emotional bird and guess what I do when I’m a tired/hormonal/emotional mess, I eat and guess what they had at our area meeting – a BUFFET!   The beast of the buffet possessed me and every time I looked at my hand it was lifting another triangle sandwich to my mouth, it was like it had a mind of its own!  Then my manager announced that she wouldn’t be our manager next year as she’s moving to another area of the business and I was gutted, she’s really been a positive in my life this year, really bought out the best in me and I will miss her for sure!  So I downed my sorrows with another triangle sandwich!

On a happy note I got a certificate for outstanding area contribution which was nice and my colleagues in the room all seemed genuinely pleased for me and in agreement that I deserved it.  I also got a bottle of fizz to celebrate my 10 years as a leader, I’ll get my snowflake necklace later in the year or early January, I can be patience just this once!

Thankfully this morning was weigh-in, I gained 1/2lb totally expected, and surprised it wasn’t more after the weekend, so I will be getting my new programme material out and following Weight Watchers Your Weigh this week.   I’ve got nothing this week standing in my way so I plan a good one, just taken some beef and chicken out of the freezer, will make a beef stew and a chicken curry to keep me going the next few days, I need to get some room in that freezer as my plan in January is a to have a few Weight Watcher ready meals to get me eating within my ProPoints whilst being crazy busy at work!  Planning ahead I think that’s called.

It’s amazing what a difference a day makes, I’ve woke up this morning feeling great, raring to go, I just needed some sleep and some me time, I like to be alone and spend time in my own head, if that makes sense, as much as I love people, I need that quiet time.

Well I’ve just looked in the fridge when I went to make a cuppa and it’s quite empty, freezers full of meat and I’ve got the makings of the stew and curry but I need mushrooms or my breakfasts aren’t complete ;) actually I think there’s some frozen ones so I’ll be able to knock something up, fancying eggs this morning, after my weekend I’m in need of proper food, on that note, I’m off to make eggs, scrambled maybe or poached.  Decisions, decisions!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful, learn to listen to your body, when it says rest, try to, it works for me.

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