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Friday, 19 December 2014

Twas the Friday before Christmas...

19th December 2014
They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds. Mexican proverb.

Oh the joys of a new pc, trying to get everything that worked on your last computer to work on your new one!  I'm not doing too badly so far, printer connected via WiFi so that was good, just one glitch so far but I'm sure someone will be able to sort it out for me. 

Well I really enjoyed my meals yesterday, the day started with a bacon sarnie from the local cafe which I have to say made me realise I actually like thin brown bread much better than thick white bread!  For lunch I had a delicious mug of soup, at first I thought 5pp for soup was a bit high but once I tasted it, I realised it was well worth it, absolutely delicious, Co-op Truly Irresistible Moroccan chicken soup, mmm definitely recommend that one.  Then for tea I had a very tasty ready meal from Sainsbury's be good to yourself range, chicken tikka masala and pilau rice, for 10pp, both shown on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WWBev.  I could eat ready meals if they're that good, and with a Weight Watcher pitta bread instead of a nan bread and  it was a good fakeaway curry. 

So today I'm thinking I'll spend mostly in my office catching up on all my paperwork and working out my new computer, then I can chill out with mom all weekend.  Got my bestie popping over later for a couple of hours and that'll be the last time we see each other before Christmas, gosh yeah it's that close!  I might even offer to feed her!  But then again I might not, she knows Fridays are very hit and miss with both of our energy levels!

Oh I wished I'd took that chicken out the freezer now, we could've had that, I'll take it out today and mom and I can eat it tomorrow.  I'll go see what's in there for eating today, I wanted to get a bit of space in there ready for my Christmas shop (all healthy food I might add!) just happen to have ordered a bit of frozen stuff, we're having a convenience meal few days I reckon.

I have to say my members have impressed me this week, not only are they still in my meetings but they seem to have realised Christmas doesn't have to be a eat all you like month long buffet!  Most haven't bought the usual crazy amount of food that's been purchased in the past, mostly because we've finally realised the supermarkets only close for ONE day!  Also as much as we all want to enjoy ourselves we really don't need 4 tins of chocolates and 6 tins of biscuits, the visitors are already full when they arrive and they never eat the stuff you put out so you're left with it in January when you're skint and then you end up eating it.  Instead don't buy it and be £20 better off next month, you can buy some healthy food then.  Even better maybe buy some healthy stuff now so you're ready to resume your healthy and happy journey straight after the celebrations.  Ooo I like that idea, think I'll spend some time doing a bit of meal planning ready and then get my online order ready for the new year, shows I mean business then, no putting it off, getting straight back to it!  Yes I likes and actually I shall be doing that this week too, eating healthy and enjoying good wholesome food. 

Now there's a plan.  Have a fabulous Friday BeYOUtiful. x

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