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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 for me, it's been about love & laughter, oh and lunch of course!

31st December 2014
Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try

Well I'm completely out of sync, I have to check my calendar to work out what day it is, I'm going to bed at really early hours and waking up in the middle of the night, it's lovely not to be on the clock, I woke at 3.30am this morning when mom went to the bathroom, so I lay in bed reading, then fell back to sleep.  I've got to admit we've had some awesome Christmas breaks in some very beautiful places but I'm enjoying this years for those things you miss when you go away like your own bed and not having to pack and drive miles before you can relax, it's a week today since I broke up and it's been wonderful, a real relaxing break, I've done what I fancied when I fancied and only IF I fancied. 

I did the hovering and tidying I said I would do yesterday, it didn't take too long, then we spent the rest of the day watching all the stand up dvds mom had received for Christmas, we enjoyed Lee Mack (he does a fantastic bit of Irish names) and Jack Whitehall (so natural and witty and likeable) but our favourite and the best by far was Sarah Millican, home bird live, that is hilarious, 98 minutes of none stop laughter, she really is a funny woman.  I can't say the same for the Miranda live show, we turned it off after about 15 minutes, I don't think I've ever done that before with a stand up dvd. 

In case you'd forgotten it's the last day of 2014, I guess we should be reflecting on our year, mmm that's where Facebook comes in really handy for me, anyone who knows me really well knows my memory is horrendous, my mom may have dementia but I have the worst memory in the world which is why I take photos and post statuses, it's so I can look back and read and enjoy things that have happened in my life.  One photo works better than reading an entire diary entry, 

this photo for example reminds me of an hilarious afternoon when Lynne and I walked along the canal (we were being healthy) to drink lager and spend a fortune on lunch, before venturing in the local Sainsbury's for a bottle of lemoncello then walking back along the canal ever so slightly tipsy ;), a wonderful few hours away from reality and so many giggles.

Now to you this one is just a pudding photo, but to me it was a meal out with my mates where two of them sat and ate bread and butter pudding whilst I drank water because I was in the zone and I wanted wine later, I'm sure they ordered it because it's my favourite pudding and it was the meal when the chap told AnnMarie the pudding was huge and she wasn't impressed with his description of huge, it was the day I cried with laughter and I can't actually remember why, but we had so much laughter.  It was also the day the pub tried to serve us three courses in record speed time but we still stayed 3 hours!  You can't rush laughter and ladies that are lunching!

I have so many lovely photos of mom, I like this one of us messing about, we'd found feather dusters - they'd never been used UNsurprisingly!

The photo that proves I don't hate kids, we spent a whole afternoon entertaining loads of them at a teddy bears picnic and his crying makes me laugh every time I see it (that doesn't mean I hate kids, it means I find them crying funny!), I remember taking his brother to see Spiderman and him barely talking to me, a few months on and I can't shut the kid up! 

I have so many photos of AnnMarie with her head in her hands, and none of the reasons are her children, everything has had 4pp in this year when we've eaten out!

The day the crazy old lady stole a sign in a storm - I'm saying no more on that subject!
We did so many events to promote Weight Watchers, Bloxwich carnival being one of them, so many photos but this one took some effort - how many Weight Watchers does it take to put a brolly up!
And this one shows taking down a gazebo is not easy!
As for this one, I thought her sister had been a challenge in my meetings but this darling - even I get scared at times!  The night she put her fists up in the boxing position to take on the girl who'd just snatched something off her was, well....
It as the year I decided to have all my hair cut off and go disgracefully grey!
It was also the year mom came home with many a find, this four leaf clover being one of the nicer things!

It was also the year my members helped me raise lots of money for charity and Julie dropped my Manchester tart she'd so lovingly baked for me, I laughed, I know I shouldn't but it was the first time I'd heard her swear.

A year I had a lot of fun and laughter doing the simple things in life like gardening, reading, eating, drinking, the first time I'd ever done hanging baskets in my garden!

Still had fun with my bestie, this was taken the day we painted pots!  That turned out to be a very expensive day, young Jen - very savvy!  I've had many a fun day with that young lady whilst her mom went to work.

My 10th year of being a leader and I celebrated so much weight loss in my meetings and members getting to goal including Julie who followed me from a meeting I left to another.  I'm blessed to know so many amazing people, I really am.  Too many awesome Weight Watcher related photos to post, from successful members to the flowers and cake I received for my 10th year, memories galore from a job I adore - ooo that rhymes!

It was the year I thought I might lose one of those amazing people, but I didn't because she's a fighter!  Instead we all got together, took part in Race for Life and raised lots of money for cancer research. 

This was the day my dog reminded me it was all going to be okay, whatever life throws at us, we can handle...

Remembering the brilliant day I got to escape to Harry Potter world, fabulous day that was.
Not forgetting the day I met up with a mate I hadn't seen for a few years, we enjoyed the incredible Poppies in London and we explored the city and of course ate a delicious lunch. 

And remembering all of all those day's I didn't feel the need to escape to anywhere because I'm exactly where I want to be.

I'm very fortunate to have a job I love and I life I want, here's to making 2015 another year where that's true.  There were some scary months last year but I don't take photos of those memories they're best not remembered too often, you can't change the conditions life throws at you but you can change your reactions to them.

I'm all for remembering the good, forgetting the past and accepting what I can't change.  I'm also ready to have a fantastic 2015, lots of love and laughter in the healthiest and happiest way possible.

Happy New Year BeYOUtiful.

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