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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Getting my tidy on...

30th December 2014
If more of us valued home above gold, it would be a merrier world. Thorin -The Hobbit

Thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the cinema yesterday for 3 hours forgetting about reality, that truly is the magic of the cinema, when you watch a film there, it's all about the screen, at home you find yourself distracted.  I really should make more effort to go to the cinema in 2015, and I think we've already picked our first movie, 'big hero 6', it looks very good, oh and kids will love it too.

Mom and I watched Top Gear on the night, I've never watched it before and I won't lie I only wanted to watch it initially because I'd heard they'd got into trouble, yet we loved it, not the violence at the end the rest of it, their banter with each other is wonderful and it was such a shame that it did end on a nasty note.  I will however be looking to watch their other specials that they've done because we both enjoyed it.

So today, now I know I've said this before and not stuck to my word but I've been planning this all day yesterday and I AM going to do it.  What you ask - housework!  It's got to be done, my office, bedroom and the living room all desperately need a hoovering and my office and bedroom need tidying, they're in a right state, I reckon that will consume the large part of my day and I'm prepared for it. I just can't work in this disarray any longer, and if I'm saying that I has to be bad!  It's ok if I'm staring at the screen but as soon as I turn round, my heart sinks.   So with my energy reserves restored, I'm ready and willing to go to war with the mess.  Go to war!  Been watching too much hobbit fighting I think.

I've even got food planned, I'm defrosting a spatchcook chicken (bought it reduced before Christmas), we're going to have chicken and rice with vegetables, then the leftover chicken will be used on a jacket potato possibly with some curry sauce.  I've just gone through what I've got left in the freezer and now I can make meals from that for the rest of the week, think I can get away without shopping at all and if I do need to it'll only be for basics.

Yes I'm all re-energised and ready to get tidy, healthy and even lose a few pounds, all I needed was a rest and I still have the rest of the week to do that, so one day of housework won't kill me.  I need to finish my rocking chair too, I started that project in the summer and it's just been left, I will finish it this week.

Oh other good stuff from yesterday, AnnMarie (my member from Bloxwich) made the daily Mirror http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/weight-loss-wonders-wanted-see-4885006 and my besties member Annette (Cannock) made the Express & Star http://www.expressandstar.com/editors-picks/2014/12/29/weight-loss-is-sweet-tale-for-family/ It's great to see a members weight loss being celebrated and if you read AnnMaries, her son's name is Vinny not Binny, you've got to love a typo!

Right all these promises need upholding so I'm off to start, it's too early for hoovering but I can start with sorting stuff quietly, sshhh moms still asleep ;) I think I'll find an audio book and put my earphones in to help me along!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful.  Only two days left of 2014, let's make them great ones.

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