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Friday, 5 December 2014

Best week this year!

5th December 2014
Anyone can find the dirt in someone.  Be the one that finds the gold.

What a week it’s been, just perfect, not only launching Weight Watchers your way but doing it the same week I’m celebrating ten years of being a leader has just been wonderful, I’ve loved it and I’m even more thrilled to say my members have loved WWYW!  Yes it’s been a fantastic week and it isn’t even over yet, today I shall mostly be chilling once I have the paperwork done because tomorrow Bev’s Weight Watchers are taking 2 coaches to Manchester Christmas Market and I won’t be ProPointing ANYTHING, I’m having the day off to truly celebrate having the best job in the world for the last ten years.  Can’t wait….

The year may not have started too brilliantly but it’s ending awesome, last month getting that Role Model award was fantastic, then my flowers and cake on Wednesday, I even got a small sample of homemade damson gin from my helper last night, she knows I love it a little too much which is why she doesn’t give me a big bottle!

Feeling truly blessed.

Regarding our weight loss and staying on track my members and I have all agreed this month we are going to do the best we can, when we can whilst enjoying everything that is the holiday season.  If we’ve got a night out, it’s not an excuse to got ridiculous nor to go off from for the entire week, we shall eat healthy before and after and enjoy the night out.  My members managed to lose 305lb this week with that attitude, I also handed out more than a dozen 5% awards, a 10% awards, a 50lb certificate and last night a gold certificate!  And there are members joining too, they realise weight loss is for life not just for Christmas, there’s no “ideal” time to join, there will always be something you can use to put it off, but it’s not what we eat at Christmas that causes our weight problems, it’s what we eating for the other 11 months that follow!

If you’re one of those that goes ON and OFF a DIET then how about we start to think differently, change our relationship with food for good, get things done and win together.  You can do it, my members have already lost 21,317lb this year, 70 of them reaching their goals, so many 50lb certificates to people on their journey’s – just incredible!

Weight loss is a very emotional journey, I’ve shed a lot of happy tears this week realising how each and every one of my members has in some way changed me, taught me something and made me a better person for knowing them.  The strength we get in meetings from supporting each other and just knowing we are not alone on our journeys is incredible and I’m blessed to have such amazing people in my meetings each and every week.  Just looking back through my photos for the year, I’ve witnessed so much success and happiness, yep best job in the world.

I’m all emotional again so I’m going to go make me a cuppa and you know what, I’m having a slice of cake for my breakfast with it!  Why?  Because with Weight Watchers I can!

Have a fabulous day BeYOUtiful.  Remember you are perfect in every way, you’re just trying to lose a few pounds to be a little healthier. xx

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