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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Enjoy life whilst you can remember it!

16th December 2014
Make today so awesome yesterday gets jealous!

One of two more Tuesdays to work before I get a holiday, looking forward to it I have to say, even if I’m agreeing to do another project whilst I’m off – sucker for punishment me.

So yesterday went okay after a shaky hormonal start, food wasn’t ProPointed but I was careful, we have my brother and his wife staying so it was all a bit busy.  However I stuck to eating just the three meals, mushrooms on toast for breakfast, Actifry chips, beans and egg for lunch and a small bowl of grey peas for tea, so not so bad.

I did go shopping though and now have a fridge worthy of a Weight Watcher; I’ve invested in some good for you ready meals because they were on offer 3 for £6, so I’ll let you know what I think of them as the week goes by.

I also bought some marshmallows for our hot chocolate, and I was surprised to find there were two almost identical bags one said “sugar free” the other “no added sugar”, the calories per 100g on the sugar free was 287, and on the no added sugar one was 219, I would have assumed they were the same!  The regular marshmallows were 331 calories per 100g, but when you worked out the ProPoints on all three bags they were 7pp per 100g, so that just shows it’s best to check the calculations rather than to assume and that further to contrary belief you can’t convert calories to ProPoints, there isn’t a calculation to do it as ProPoints are based on Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat and Fibre, the reason the system was changed was that there is scientific proof that all calories aren’t equal in the body.

Anyway, moving on, my brother and I had a great time getting creative in the kitchen but not in a cooking way, we were creative a snow scene with flour for a photograph, you had to be there!

It’s lovely having visitors; mom enjoys it, despite making out she doesn’t!  It does show her dementia up though when things are different, Terry and Alexis paid a brief visit Friday afternoon before going off to spend time with their friends before coming back yesterday and by Friday teatime, she had to ask me who’d visited as she couldn’t remember, now if it was Joe Bloggs that would be expected but her son, it’s so sad; the way she is now reminds me to make the most of every day because you never know what’s round the corner or when you’ll start forgetting it all.

I’m not saying I’m always happy, far from it, yesterday morning I was like the real life version of the 7 menopausal dwarves, say no more, but I try to see the positive and good in situations and work on being a happy, positive person.  Yes you read that right, I have to work on it, I’m quite the loner in real life, I do have low points, so being happy and sociable doesn’t always come easy especially when my mom’s confused, upset and in pain, being cheerful doesn’t really jump out as the preferable mood of the moment.  I always remind myself I can’t change the situation but I can change my reaction to it, so yes I sometimes have to work harder on that optimism and happiness but it’s worth it because the alternative route SUCKS!

Right I’m ready to start my day, will try and sneak downstairs without waking our visitors who are sleeping on the bed settee in the living room, we’ve upgraded since last year when they had two small bed chairs and the year before it was an inflatable that kept going down ;) yep, you gotta see the laughter in situations, when you’re mom comes back from walking the dog and looks at Alexis and asks “how long you been here?”, you’ve got to laugh, when she says it to me, I might find that laughter more difficult to find, but I’m sure it’ll be worth searching for.

Life’s too short for sadness BeYOUtiful so smile and enjoy the season of goodwill to all mankind!  Have a fab day. xx

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