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Saturday, 27 December 2014

It's all about the chilling out...

27th December 2014
Difficult doesn't mean impossible.  It simply means that you have to work hard.

Today I shall mostly be eating healthy food and abstaining from alcohol in respect of my body!  Yep, it's had two days of indulgence and it's now ready to rest.  Yesterday I made a delicious cooked breakfast then later on the afternoon we had a chicken dinner with lots of lovely veggies washed down with a few glasses of smiling juice. 

This morning I've got a nice breakfast in the fridge of layered porridge, fat free natural yogurt and raspberries, all tracked on my Weight Watcher app already.  I'm not sure what we're having for dinner, that's up to my visitors, will check this morning what they fancy, then go get the ingredients, there was talk of cottage pie yesterday, we shall see if that's still on their order. 

I feel totally rested after two days in my PJ's, turning off from work and chilling out completely, I now have a week to do whatever I fancy because I'm off work and it does feel good, it feels even better than there's nothing much I feel the need to do, I'll just potter round my house, read some, watch some, cook some, I may even get dressed and venture out and walk some. 

The snow we had last night doesn't seem to have stuck thankfully, so it should be safe out there today, it was lovely to watch it fall and not be fretting about being able to get to my meetings.

I might have a look through the new Weight Watcher cook book see if there's anything I fancy cooking out of there this week.  Can't beat a new cook book to get you inspired in the kitchen.  I've just had a quick look at the new style Weight Watcher website, some nice things to cook on there as well.

But before all that, I need a cup of tea and I'm going to start my day off with a long soak in the bath with my book, oh this is the life for sure.  Now do I wait till mom wakes up before having my bath or risk waking her up, that's the biggest decision I'll have to make today - hard life isn't it!

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, whatever you're up to.

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