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Thursday, 1 March 2018

When rest is best

1 March 2018
Well done is better than well said.

Well other than go to work last night, I didn’t do anything but walk the dog, just chilled out with mom hoping to feel better, I’m still not 100% but I’m better than I was thankfully.   I woke up half hour before my alarm was meant to go off so I got off, my members who’ve already had their meetings this week will see the humour in that! 

The upside to feeling poorly the last few nights is I’ve broke that habit of coming in a pouring me a glass of wine, so I’m going to keep that going for a bit, give my body a break, it might help me lose that illusive half stone I want gone! 

There’s not been much food either, I managed a couple of slices of toast and a few breadsticks yesterday, then when I got to my meeting Julie gave me a can of chicken soup to eat, my stomach wasn’t 100% with it, but it stayed down so all’s good again there. 

I’m going to take this as a message from the universe to sort my eating habits out, back to healthy food choices.  One way I’ve found helps this over the last week is to buy my veg and salad prepared, I know it’s more expensive but its ensuring I eat it so for now I’ll do that.  Once my work/life balance is sorted I might have more time but for now, ready bought, microwavable veg it is.

I had a call yesterday which is going to help with that balance even more so I’m just there.  Ultimately focusing on finding balance in your life is important, we have to remind ourselves that we don’t have to do it all.  No we don’t balance isn’t about finding more time or better time management, it’s about having better boundary management, saying no, making choices and enjoying those choices.  It’s not easy to say no but the more you do it, the easier it gets to say and the more balanced your life becomes.

How cold was it last night, we even left the heating ticking over all night in my house, we never do that but it was minus six when I got out my car last night, although it felt colder with the wind. Thankfully any snow that’s fallen round here isn’t sticking, that’s a bonus.

I’m thinking scrambled eggs for breakfast, they should be good and gentle.  I’ll keep it light today, there is a salad in the fridge that I would like to eat before it goes out of date so I’ll check that, but soup seems the sensible option and I’m sure by the end of today, I’ll just be ready to flop into bed.

As you can see I’m not full of info this morning – I’m saving all my energy for my members and my meetings, it’s a good one this week and I want to get it across well.  My pint of water I’ve just drunk has made me feel better already, I couldn’t have drunk that yesterday, so yes I’m much better.

Ooo I’ve just found an article about food to eat when you’re poorly, they start with ice lolly’s if you can’t face anything – I wished I’d had one yesterday!  Then vegetable juice, for a boost of antioxidants, hydration and some sodium, I’m not sure I could’ve handled that to be fair.  Meal replacement drinks are next on the list followed by chicken soup which I had, the soup delivers soothing hot broth with a dose of carb that our body craves during times of stress, you can boost the nutritional status by adding some chickpeas (you could blend them).

One you’re starting to feel like eating solid food, they suggest a turkey sandwich, as it’s high in protein and other nutrients such as vitamins B6 and B12, selenium and zinc which will help you boost your immune system.

Garlic – antimicrobial, immune stimulating properties and a potential relief from congestion – say no more.

Ginger is good for stomach ache or nausea, it’s often used to soothe those symptoms and it may help fight inflammation.  Add freshly grated or in powdered form to other foods or drinking flat ginger ale (bonus for hydration).

Grapefruit/Citrus fruit contain anti-inflammatory compounds which give your body a boost to fight a virus.

Watermelon is high in water content to help with your re-hydration efforts, it also has a pulp that contains a powerful antioxidant, glutathione, that helps curb cell damage.  Ooo I’ve got that in the fridge, I’ll try that this morning.

And of course plenty of fluids!

Right here’s to a cracking good healthy day, take care of you BeYOUtiful because you’re important too.

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