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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Do you need to take action BeYOUtiful?

10th March 2018
Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

I had a lovely day off yesterday and I woke before my alarm this morning so I’ve fitted in day 8 of the yoga challenge and I was pleased to find that it was a very gentle and relaxing session today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlW77conmAc given me a lovely start to the day, a reminder that to get things done, to achieve things I don’t have to go at a hundred miles an hour, that’s a good reminder for me.

I’ve also seen the next stone bracket down on the scales this morning for the first time this year – hurrah!

What a difference a month makes, I know it’s been a month because I sent a message to another coach on 11th February, I don’t know her and I’ve never met her but I’d watched her on stage via workplace Facebook at a conference and I wanted to thank her for her words.  She’d talked about a member and I’d totally related to that members story, so much so it made me cry.  It had been the jolt I needed to make me realise I had to get out of my funk and find my way again.   

It worked too, in this last month, I got me some support, a little telephone counselling, the first session to be honest was enough, I just needed to think everything through and speak my truth out loud, the counsellor was surprised at how many changes I’d made by the second session a week later and I’ve got one this week just for my peace of mind as I wanted to make sure I was actually feeling better and it wasn’t a fluke and I wouldn’t nose dive when my hormones kicked in.

What have I changed?  My mindset mostly, I’ve reminded myself it is okay if everything doesn’t get done, it’s okay to leave the washing up and sit with mom and enjoy time with her instead.  It’s okay to go to bed early or have that slice of cake occasionally.  Actually yeah I’ve just remembered everything is okay and to accept the way my life is.  Life happens, go with it, take it one day at a time and breathe.

The other thing I’ve changed is my working life, I’ve gone from 13 to 11 meetings, which means I have an extra day off now, that’s going to make such a difference because I’m going to make Friday the day I plan something in for me, even if it’s just a wander round a garden centre, anything that takes me out of my house for a little while.

Yeah I’ve centred and grounded myself again and it feels great.  The yoga is most definitely helping me, it’s like meditation for the body, I’m enjoying walking Alfie more because I’m regaining my patience which means walking slowly or standing for long lengths of time aren’t bothering me anymore. 

My calm has returned and I love it, I like doing nothing, I love my work but when that is done, I like to sit and rest and enjoy my mom’s company.

Wow, sat here a month ago, I wouldn’t have believed that possible, I felt so wound up and tense.

Plus of course because my life has got easier, my diets improved, because the two go together, when life is hard weight loss is hard.  To be honest, my life hasn’t got easier my attitude has just changed, yeah I’m getting Friday back but yesterday was the first time that’s happened, I’ve been in a better place for three weeks, or maybe even the four.  I started to improve the moment I acknowledged I had a problem and decided to take action rather than let it continue.

Do you need to take action BeYOUtiful?  If so, when?

Enjoy your day x

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