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Friday, 16 March 2018

It's okay to be emotional

16th March 2018
The greatest gift you can give someone is your time.  Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back.

Yoga Day 13 completed - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yM3SzM2NPj0 – check
Pint of water drank – check
Day off planned – check

Yep, looking forward to a lovely day, got an hour of paperwork first, then I have a super dooper massage and facial thing booked followed by lunch with my bestie – if she’s remembered!

Yesterday was another good day of meetings, some great results this week to say it was Mother Day last Sunday, plenty of smiles, a few tears, this weight loss lark is emotional.  The truth is it’s rarely the results at the scales that make us cry, it’s other ‘stuff’ and the scales are just the tap that turn on out the emotions and enable them to pour.  Those feelings and emotions behind the tears are what we really need to deal with to successfully lose weight long term.

How many of us believe we should be able to control ourselves and our eating habits, then when we don’t we feel a failure.  How many times have you sought help, then when it starts to work and you start seeing success you think ‘I can do this myself, so your success becomes temporary and you find yourself back to where you started on that vicious cycle of over-eating and self-loathing.

Stop sticking a plaster over the problem!  Unless you address the underlying issues, you’re only ever going to get a temporary fix and trying to do everything by ourselves and for ourselves isn’t always the way. We all need help, everything is better with support.

Start to pay attention, to your thoughts, your choices, things that are going on around your, words that are being spoken by you and others.   What sends you to the biscuit tin (or whatever your poison is), what are your triggers, being mindful of these things will help you make lasting, permanent changes.

We like to say, “I just like food”, but there’s usually other reasons for overeating, big or small, they’re there if you look long enough.

Have you got excess baggage?  By that I mean emotional baggage, could you do with focusing on some of your issues?

Get that help, remember there’s nothing wrong with reach out for support when you need it, we are humans and we aren’t meant to survive alone, it’s all about making connections.  Get support from anywhere you can, have a chat with a good friend, or talk to like-minded members in your meetings, or have a chat with your coach. 

Always remembers it’s okay to feel how you do, it’s also okay to work on changing those feelings, moving forward, being emotional.  I’m not one for ‘get a grip’, if you need to be emotional and cry, then why not.  There were tears in my meeting last night, and someone said “Oh, don’t cry”, I’m like nah, she’s okay.  Tears are good, they cleanse us, they release those pent up emotions and feelings.  Who doesn’t love a good weepy movie, to get all those tears out?  Actually I might find me one to watch this weekend.

Next time you’ve had a tough day and you reach for some chocolate or crisps, stop and breathe and question whether that is going to be worth it, if it’ll make that tough day any less tough or will it give you another problem.  What else might help, a walk, a bath, a hot mug of tea, a chat with a loved one?  Those things don’t come with weight gain as the side effect. 

Be Healthy, Be Happy, BeYOUtiful

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