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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Ask yourself what can you do today?

6th March 2018
All things are difficult before they are easy.

Day 4 of my 30 days of yoga in the bag this morning, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLQsM6geGzs yep I got up at 4.15am!  I’d set my alarm for half past but woke up naturally and decided not to snooze but to 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 it and get up.  My muscles are aware of what’s been going on the last 4 days, they’re a little sore but not unbearably so, it was almost as if she knew I was going to feel that way as it wasn’t as difficult as yesterdays, only 20 minutes too which is enough for starters, easing me in gently.  A bit of yoga with the dog walking is enough for me right now, then when the weather warms up, I’ll be ready for fence and shed painting.

We had gnocchi yesterday, I still don’t like it but felt the need to give it another go, it’s a bit stodgy for me, just not a fan, potato and flour together just doesn’t work on my plate.  Really filling if you do like it though.

I had apple and melon on my breakfast plate and I think I enjoyed it, am I going to keep up this fruit habit?  I do hope so as I know it’s good for me and I want to be healthy, hence the yoga and fruit.

The other thing the yoga is doing is starting my day off calmly, it’s also reminding me I can find time for me to do the things I want to do that are important to me.  Yeah I will continue to find the time to do the things that are important to me, remember we’re here for a good time not a long time. 

I’ve took some cod out of the freezer going to have cod curry and rice, yep I have a freezer full of fish that I buy when it’s reduced on the whoopsie counters so I need to get using it up.  I’m going to have eggs for breakfast, I haven’t had any for a day or two, having withdrawals!

Okay then, it’s Tuesday BeYOUtiful, how many Monday mornings have been and gone since you said, "Right, it’s time for me, I’m doing this, I’m getting healthy, losing weight and finding my happy!" Or words to that effect.  How are you doing there? Are you doing it or are you still thinking about it, waiting for it to kick in? 

If you’re still thinking and waiting – STOP!  Now start, don’t wait for Monday, don’t wait for tomorrow, for the weather to improve, for sunshine, for your mood to be right.  Stop waiting, start doing.  The weather has sucked since Thursday, if it hadn’t been for Alfie there’s no way I’d have gone out for a walk but thankfully he made me walk twice yesterday and yes I felt better for it.   Yes I’ve indulged in the odd biscuit and bag of crisps whilst the snows been on the ground but I haven’t overeaten on them.  The time to do this will never be right, you’ll never be in the mood, you’ll never want to eat lettuce instead of biscuits but the more you make those changes the easier it gets.

Ask yourself what can you do today? 

Could you drink some more water today or put some more veggies on your plate, maybe go for a walk round the block now the snows almost gone.  Could you do some research and find info out on that class you keep saying you’re going to join.  If you’ve been thinking about joining a Weight Watchers meeting, do it, stop thinking about it, sign up online ready, there’s 25% off your first month if you sign up today.  http://www.weightwatcherslocal.co.uk/ you’ll find the offer and meeting availability on there.  My meetings are;

Short Heath Methodist Church
Wesley Road, Willenhall, WV12 5QT
Tuesday at 8.30am*, 9.30am & 5.30pm 

St Albans Church Hall
Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park Estate,
Wednesfield, WV11 2LJ
Wednesday at 5.30pm & 6.45pm
St Johns Methodist Church Hall
Victoria Avenue, Bloxwich, WS3 3HS
Thursday at 8.30am*, 9.30am, 10.45am,
5.00pm & 6.15pm
United Reform Church
Old Fallings Lane, Wolverhampton, WV10 8BH Saturday 9.00am

* weigh only meeting

Yeah what can you do today to help your future self be healthier and happier.

I’m finding that since I’ve started taking time for me, since I’ve made the changes to my working hours I feel better in myself and I’m also coping with moms moods better.  The better I feel, the more patience I have, makes sense doesn’t it!

Right it’s 5.30am and I’m going to use this extra half hour to make me a delicious breakfast.  Here’s to having an awesome day you BeYOUtiful creature, go out there, smile, move, eat well, you matter – never, ever, forget that.

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