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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Don't wait for success - make it happen!

28th February 2018
Actions prove who someone is, words just prove who they want to be.

I came home last night and went straight to bed once I’d sorted mom, I’ve had a bad head on and off for a week and yesterday it hit a new height and threw in nausea – yay.  I went over to pharmacist and he thinks it’s most likely a migraine but if it hasn’t gone by the end of the week to go to doctors.  Happy days!   I’ve slept almost 11 hours, waking up in-between but going back to sleep so hopefully that’ll help.  I’ve only had one stabbing feeling in my head since waking so fingers crossed.

Other than the hand, yesterday was awesome, I thoroughly enjoyed my meetings, I’ve loved being tagged this morning by members who have done the challenge I set them, it’s good to know they do listen and take on board what I say.   I’ll tell you all about the meeting Sunday once I’ve finished doing it in my meetings, it’s a good one if I do say so myself, although being in the actual meeting would be better!

Food wise yesterday I didn’t have a lot, I had toast for breakfast, then stewing steak, mash and veg at lush which I threw up thanks to the nausea, so I didn’t bother with anything else for the rest of the day, just water.   On a positive, it’ll help my weight loss journey!  I do poorly quite well, except for when my heads involved, I can be a proper brave soldier but if it’s my head I’m a big wuss and it’s one of the times I get scared.

Moms just surfaced so I better go sort her, see you can’t be ill when you’re a carer can you or when you’re a mother!  Back in a bit… 

Oh it’s difficult being ill round someone who can’t remember you’re ill.

I know this may be reading as if I’m down but I’m not, I actually feel emotionally better than I have this year and I’m hoping the headache is on its way out now.  I’m going to eat and drink super clean for the rest of the week and give my body a rest, no junk, no wine, minimum tea, no coffee.  I had a mug of hot water yesterday and that was sound, I forgot how I can drink that and it’s as good as a coffee.  Maybe having the migraine has done me a favour because it’s made me stop and think about what I’m putting into my body.

Yesterday I heard from two people how they’d been diagnosed with diabetes, I think until you see the effect unhealthy living is having on your body you tend to ignore it and hope it won’t affect you.  We’re all delusional aren’t we!

Apart from the awesome tagging in posts from yesterday’s meetings, I woke up this post https://www.facebook.com/weightwatchersuk/videos/1604759542892991/ my Angie, on the Weight Watchers UK page, sharing her success!  Now Angie is proof you can turn your world around, losing weight and working on herself both physically and emotionally has meant she now walks every day despite terribly painful arthritis and she’s learning to put herself first too.  I’m super proud of the journey Angie has taken and now she doesn’t just inspire others, she supports them on their journey via my members Facebook group, one amazing lady.

Another post I woke up to was from Sam, who’s opened her own dance school, another member who’s turned her life around, it isn’t just about the weight we lose, it’s the life we gain!  Well done Sam, let’s get you some customers.

Right I need to stop being a patient, scared to move and get dressed and go for a walk and test this head out!  If it returns, I’ll drug myself up!

Be safe out there BeYOUtiful, take care of you – you’re important too xx

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