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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Stupid Snow!

3rd March 2018
Do it over and over again until it becomes part of you

Well that’s the first Snow Day I’ve ever had and I don’t want another thank you, I don’t like the weather dictating my actions but that just goes to show how powerful the weather truly is and how respectful of it we should be.

I didn’t venture far, walked Alfie round the block, nipped to the local shops that was me done for the day, I had to cancel my meeting on the night and that was a real shame as I’d intended to tell them I was giving the meeting up and had to let them know via Facebook instead.  Anyone who’s been following my blogs knows I've been having a lot going on and realised something needed to give. I talked with my manager last Saturday and told him that I needed to cut back on my workload. I decided I just can't keep on top of everything, actually I can but I don’t want to, right now I'm either working or looking after mom and there's no time left for me, so with a heavy heart I made the decision. One positive from it all is I’ve found them a great replacement, the wonderful Sarah, has covered for me at Essington in the past and she's brilliant and will more than take care of them.

Doing this give me an entire day for me to do stuff and after doing 5 meetings on a Thursday after 2 meetings on a Wednesday night, I’m shattered come Friday so will be glad of not having to be anywhere, I’m looking forward to making some plans to do some me stuff in the day and not having to rush to get ready for work and then I can spend the evening with mom, it’s means I’ll only be out 3 nights a week now, my sister comes round when I’m out in the mornings.  It’s all coming together, life is short we shouldn’t just be earning a living, we should be living too, rather than endlessly working.

I was a lazy mare yesterday though, other than the washing up, I crocheted and watched tv, I decided it could all wait and it can, another early night too and now to get dressed and brave this vile weather.

I’m going to attempt to get to my meeting, it’s only 3 mile away, so a 6 mile round trip and along main roads once I’m off the estate which hopefully is better than it was yesterday, plus being a Saturday and early they’ll be less traffic on the road.  I’ll be there if my members want to make it, plus I can let them know how the roads are as I leave at half 7 latest.

I’m looking forward to this weather improving, me having more energy and getting back to cooking from scratch, walking and doing other stuff I truly enjoy.  I really enjoyed the yoga yesterday, I didn’t make it up early enough this morning but that’s okay, I’ll do it tomorrow, I did say 4 times a week minimum on the days I’ve not got to rush to leave the house for half 7.

My shopping delivery was cancelled yesterday too – not surprisingly so we used up all the leftovers and the veg that wasn’t in the best health anymore from the fridge for dinner, it was delicious too.  Mash potato is snow weather for sure, I might have that again today, with salmon this time though. 

Right let’s go get dressed and get the snow off my car and attempt to get out of my drive – wish me luck lol!  See some of you later hopefully but if not, I completely understand.

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