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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Spring forward

25th March 2018
No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

What a glorious morning, I’m typing this as Alfie sniffs the wheel of a car, we’re out on our walk, he’s moving round the entire car, hopefully we’ll move along soon!

I’ve had a cracking night’s sleep, about 8 or 9 hours I reckon, woke up fully refreshed but my backs a bit sore and tight. Lay there for a moment thinking ‘is yoga a good idea this morning’ and decided to give it a go, hoping she was in the calm and stretchy mood. I was 15 minutes in when I heard Mom moving around upstairs and Alfie’s footsteps running round up there searching for me. There I was in mountain pose when I looked down and Alfie’s there having a go at doing the same pose using my legs as support. Well that was the universe telling me the yoga can wait till tomorrow what was much more important right then was a bit of love with my dog. This was followed by him chasing ’Not my cat’ up the garden and freaking the squirrel out as he tried to eat his breakfast, me making mom a cuppa and sorting her drugs before we came out here for a walk on what is a perfect Spring morning.

Another chilled out day planned ahead of me, when I just asked Mom “what shall we do today?”, her perfect reply was “nothing”, I think that’s a damn fine idea. We had a bit of a chat about how good our life is, she told me I am a lot calmer again than I have been which confirms what I believe that working less, making time for me to see my friends, doing stuff I enjoy, practising the yoga and chilling out is working out well for me.

My helper noticed the change in me Thursday too, she’s been away so had been used to the worn out version. It’s good to be back to the me I like to be.

Can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can get outside in the sunshine, I am a true sun worshipper, nothing better on a Sunday afternoon than sitting up the back garden with a glass of something and a book or this year my crochet. Soon be Summer.

Although I am aware they’ve forecast snow for Thursday. One of my newer members actually said last week that it was the first dry Thursday since she joined ten weeks ago! Enough with this yucky weather I say, bring on the hot sunshine.


I’m back. Did you notice I’d gone. I’ve just had a ten minute chat to a chap I see every Sunday morning when we fetch our papers, we only usually say hello so it was good to talk, turns out his dogs spoilt rotten like mine too, oh and he also feeds a cat that’s not his cat  :)

Alfie’s heading home already, then I’ll come back for our papers, he won’t stand quietly outside a shop, it ain’t worth the hassle.

It’s less than a month to our charity Coffee Morning for The Stroke Association and people are being so very generous, Penn Road butchers told me yesterday he’ll donate some vouchers as did The Chi Rooms (where I have my massage and she does lots of other things) https://www.facebook.com/The-Chi-Rooms-329387747084510/?ref=br_rs , can’t have too much stuff to raffle off or sell it’ll all mount up.

Anyway, my hands are cold typing whilst walking, I’ll catch ya tomorrow xx

Be healthy, be happy, find a balance BeYOUtiful.

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