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Friday, 2 March 2018

Short one this morning...

2nd March 2018
We all have to earn a living but if all you're doing is working, then you may be earning, but you ain't living...

Check me out, I’ve just done Day 1 of 30 days of Yoga, I can get YouTube on my tele now so it’s perfect.  I just typed in Yoga and that was one of the options, that’ll do for starters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBu-pQG6sTY

Whatever caused my bad head this week, I’m using it as a message from the universe that I need to slow down, calm down and continue to rebalance myself and I’ve thought about Yoga a few times over the last week so this morning, I woke at 4.30ish and thought why not, let’s go downstairs whilst the rest of the house is asleep and see what youtube has to offer.  Now I’m going to commit to doing 4 days a week out of 7 and if I can do more great, my mission is to keep it going.  I need to order me a mat though, my floors hard and a blanket gets slippy!

Well what’s with all this snow, it needs to do one, I’m not a fan, not all of my members managed to get to my meetings yesterday because of it but don’t despair, I’ll blog all about this week’s meetings on Sunday so you don’t miss out, especially as it’s getting great feedback this week.  Of course it’s not the same as the actual meeting but it’s better than nothing at all.

Well I think I’m fully recovered, I’ve woke up feeling great and I managed to eat okay yesterday, can I say I had the best eggs on toast ever made by the very lovely and kind Lucy, she made my day, then made moms too with a gift.  https://www.facebook.com/bevww/videos/10155821319175862/

Moms just surfaced so I’ll need to go sort her out, do I rush my blog or come back to it. 

I’ve been super impressed with how people are embracing the meeting this week and going home and following through, so as I can’t talk about that till Sunday, I’m going to leave this as a super short blog and go get stuff done!

Have a great day, be truly careful out there on the roads, if you’re one of tonight’s members, I’m going to keep my eye on the weather, check with the community centre and let you know as soon as I can what’s happening tonight.

Take care of you BeYOUtiful, remember you’re important too. xx

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