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Monday, 12 March 2018

Getting on with my day...

12th March 2018
Do not wish to be anything but what you are and do that perfectly.

Just caught up on yesterday’s Yoga because I never got round to it and I’ve done today’s too, thankfully the Day 10 one was only a 10 minute one, it warmed me up though, no wonder they call it sun salutation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AakYeM23sI

Yesterday was all about mom, there was cake and sandwiches involved and visitors involved and it was a lovely relaxing day.  My sister baked an epic apple pie, my brother Ian bought mom flours;

He did give her a monetary gift too – the kind she likes, Mark came later with goodies and more cash which she lost then we found and we’ll do that all week.  Terry rang and sent cupcakes via Dan who sat and chatted with mom for an hour, she enjoyed that.  Yeah she had a lovely day.

Alfie and I went out walking twice, then I finally cleaned the kitchen floor!  That was all the housework I did do though as I wanted to finish putting my crochet blanket together and I finally did – yay, now I’m just going round the outside and it’ll be complete.  I’m pretty chuffed with it to and proud of myself for not getting bored and quitting.

Not really got much to tell ya this morning, all is quite and calm in my world and I like it that way.  I’ve lost 5.5lb of the half stone I said I’d like to lose by my area meeting which is on Saturday, I’ll take that as I’m in that next stone bracket and we ate well yesterday so I can live without the other bit, it’ll come off in time.  I’m moving more, I’m feeling good – that matters more to me than numbers on a scale.

Actually if I stop trying to think of things to write and sign off, I can go get stuff done, I’m thinking my bedroom needs tidying today, that’ll be my first task, so catch ya laters.

Here’s to making Monday matter – you in BeYOUtiful?  I’m going to start mine with a plate of eggs, how you starting yours?

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