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Monday, 5 March 2018

I’m sorry - erm no you're not!

5th March 2018
Be unstoppable not because you don’t have failures or doubts, but because you continue on despite them.

“I’m sorry”

Stop saying I’m sorry all the time!  How many times have you said sorry this week when you actually weren’t or you had no need to apologise.  Notice today or even all week how many times you say ‘I’m sorry’ when you didn’t need to.  Don’t get me wrong if you’ve done something wrong, then apologise but don’t use those words just because as they take away your power.  So many of my members said “I’m sorry”, for not risking their safety in the snow, when really they were doing the right thing by choosing not to if they knew it wasn’t safe for them to leave the house.  They didn’t need to apologise for not coming, it was nice that they told me, a simple, “I’m not coming today Bev, the roads are dangerous and I can’t get off the drive, I know you’ll understand”, see hold onto your personal power, be strong.

Last week we talked about what we wanted, what we really wanted and one member talked about how do you work on the inside stuff, self-love, and I don’t have all the answers but on the spot in that moment when I was asked on Saturday I said start with self-acceptance, we’re all unique, we’re all individual, we’re all BeYOUtiful, the reasons I use that word is because if you “BE YOU”, then the true beautiful inside comes out, the people around you love you for a reason, start seeing those reasons yourself!

If you can accept yourself as you are, if you know everything you do is from a place of love, you can handle most things and you are a good person.   Remind yourself you are more than a body, you are more than your reflection in the mirror.

I looked in the mirror this morning after I’d finished day 3 of my yoga challenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqGHWXjgn-M and I liked what I saw, yes I did, I’m in reasonable condition for a 48 year old woman, the yoga mat had just proven I’m still pretty flexible, my body strength needs some work but that’s why I’m doing the yoga.  Yeah I like what I see in the mirror because I see past the exterior!

I see a woman who cares that everyone loves and accepts themselves, that hopes others find inner peace and realises they’re amazing individuals.  I see a woman who loves her mom and is taking care of her.  I see a woman who’s re-finding her balance in life because she cares about herself enough to prioritise her own needs.  Yeah I see more than the exterior, although I quite like the exterior too!  I cuddle that belly of mine, the part of me that’s proof I enjoy lunch with friends and biscuits with my mom.  I love the grey hair, the scars, and the wrinkles that show I’ve made it to 48 and I’m still here and I’m doing okay. Yeah I’d rather lose the jowls that I didn’t have in my 20s but do I want to re live my 20s, erm NO thanks.  I’d take my confidence of my 40s over my insecurities of my 20s anytime, I’ll live with the jowls, wrinkles and grey hair thanks, I’m rocking this look – it’s much easier to maintain too.

Yes, see the ‘you’ that everyone else sees, start to realise the reasons you’re amazing, the things that make you awesome.  Your positive – what are they?  It’s okay to have negatives too, that’s what makes us BeYOUtiful, I know my faults, my flaws, I’m all good with them.  As I look round my house, I know I can be a bit of a slob but hey, by not doing any housework yesterday, I got a lot of my blanket sewed together – this made me extremely happy, happy beats housework all day long. 

However it also recharged me enough to put me in the mood to tackle said housework today, just like the water I’m drinking is hydrating my body.  Work, rest and play – we need to have all three things in equal quantities, don’t spend your life doing too much of one of them, that’s what knocks us off balance.

Right I’m ready for Monday, I’ve lost 4lb from last week on my official weigh-in, that’s the 2.5lb I’d regained plus an extra 1.5lb – YAY, if I can keep that going, I might see the next stone down next week, if I do, fabulous, if I don’t, meh, it’s okay, I like what I see in the mirror already.

BE YOU, be strong, be bold, be powerful and when necessary be brave enough to show your weak spots, be soft when needed, remember it’s okay not to be okay, because all those qualities together make you who you are and you are BeYOUtiful.

Happy Monday, make it yours x

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