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Sunday, 4 March 2018

National None Adulting Day!

4th March 2018
Life is only as good as your mind-set.

In case I didn’t say, I hate snow, not only is it dangerous but it’s cost me a large chunk of my wages this week, so it can go away now thank you.  Although it looks horrid out there right now, misty, I think we’ve had a little more but on the upside I think I heard rain a moment ago or it might just be the ice melting off the roof!

Anyway turning to the positives, I’ve just jumped on the scales and it shows me at the lightest I’ve seen in 2018, so I’ll take that thank you very much, the upside to migraine was less food and no wine which has obviously shown on the scales and since it’s gone I’ve been sticking to plan too so let’s hope I keep that going. 

I’ve also completed day 2 of my 30 days of yoga https://youtu.be/TB2ISQZ5Mb0 today’s was tougher but I made it, I only stopped once, I’m waiting for my yoga mat that’ll help, I have Prime delivery on Amazon but because of the weather I ticked the ‘No Rush’ box, I don’t want someone getting in an accident trying to deliver me a mat!

I did manage to make the meeting yesterday morning and so did a dozen or so of my members, I’m so glad I did, we dug our way onto the church carpark, there’s a little slope that wasn’t letting us up it and when I say we, I mostly mean Karen and her husband!  Carol and I had tried when we first arrived but we only had a brush, then the cavalry arrived in the shape of Karen and hubby and they had snow shovels – professionals see!  The reason I was really glad I got there was because one member needed up yesterday, we are part of their norm and it was nothing to do with weight loss, it was about emotional support, we’re not just a weight loss group on a Saturday morning, we’re a truly, tight community that support each other with more than just meal planning!

We had a cosy meeting, Karen recorded it and those that couldn’t make my meeting this week got watch it in my closed group.  How bizarre is it seeing yourself on film!  I only watched it for a second or two, that was enough, I have to say anyone who worries about how they look or sound should stop because that video proved to me I should probably worry because I pull faces constantly but I don’t because members keep coming to my meetings, they don’t seem bothered by how I look, so they must see something I don’t!  So why worry! 

If you’re interested in the topic this week, I got my ideas from this incredibly inspiring lady and I would recommend you watch her video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp7E973zozc&t=5s and maybe check out her book the 5 second rule, Mel Robbins is all over the internet and Youtube and she inspired me enough to base my entire meeting on her ted talk, I’ve also been listening to her book on audio.  There’s inspiration everywhere out there if you choose to look for it!

I’m keeping meals simple this week, mash is my go to comfort food, I love it.  Yesterday’s dinner was salmon, mash and beans, today I think I’ll have steak and a jacket for a change, mom won’t eat that so I’ll make her something easy. 

There’s not much grown up stuff being done today at all because I’ve finished the squares for my blanket and I really, really want to get to putting it together, I can’t believe I only started it two months ago and I’ve done 110 squares!  Not bad for someone who couldn’t crochet at Christmas, I’m really proud of myself, not just for learning how to do it but for not getting bored and giving up, for sticking with it as I know what I can be like.  I’m usually impatient and want to get to the end of whatever it is I’m doing, to see the final product but what I’ve noticed that’s different about crochet for me is I’m actually enjoying the process of doing it. 

I guess that’s one of the reasons I’ve never regained all my weight because I enjoy the way I eat on Weight Watchers, even when I’m off track, the foundations are there, the healthy way of eating it’s taught me, I enjoy.  I love that it’s not faddy, there’s no strangeness to eat, and the plan encourages realistic eating habits that can be continued forever.

I am seriously hoping Alfie does not want to walk far this morning, it looks evil out there!   

The only thing I need to make today even better than I know it’s already going to be – I have squares to stitch together – would be a cracking good film, so any recommendations would be gratefully received.  I love comedy, romantic mush, action, only thing I’m not a fan of is violent, nasty stuff or cruelty, I’m all about the happy me, we all have to deal with crap in our lives why welcome it on via the screen.

Anyway, the longer I’m sat here at my computer, the less time I have with my needle!  Here’s to staying indoors out of the snow and catching up with something you enjoy doing – don’t do the housework, let’s make today national none adulting day.

Whatever you choose to do – take care of you BeYOUtiful because you’re amazing!


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