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Thursday, 22 March 2018

what's your POSSIBLE addiction?

22nd March 2018

You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.

I may not have jumped out of bed with enthusiasm yesterday, if you recall I wasn’t much up for doing my yoga but something happened an hour or so later.  Oh yeah, I spent the day cleaning my house, scrubbing the wetroom floor, hovering everywhere, I even cleaned my oven.  I did so much my body aches today, feels like I’ve had a fully body workout.  I’ll never be a domestic goddess but I do wish I would do it little and often rather than all or nothing, the latter option hurts.

I can’t be a housekeeper and a cook on the same day so yesterday wasn’t the greatest food day but at least it wasn’t the worst either.  I succumbed to chips after my meeting, now I asked for a small bag of chips and I weighed them when I got home, 500g,

According to this website, that ain’t a small portion!

Nor this website

The weight for Maccy D’s chips are approximately: Small Fries approx. 80g, Medium Fries approx. 114g, and Large Fries approx. 150g.  Yet a small from the chippy is 500g!

There were plenty of chips in that bag for two of us and when you think the chips were 28 Smart Points for the ‘small’ bag, you realise why.  I wonder how much their ‘large’ bag weighed, should feed a family I reckon, how many people eat them all thinking they’re in one bag so they’re mine.

I enjoyed them though and as a balance I had an apple earlier in the day.  Ooo I have a melon downstairs might slice that up this morning before work and take some with me, I’m sat drinking my pint of water, hoping it’ll perk me up and ease my aching muscles, if it doesn’t, I’ll opt for drugs, I can’t be aching all day long, not when it’s starting at 7.30 and I won’t finish till 8.30 tonight, I need anything I can get my hands on to get through that, coffee, ibuprofen, fruit and ending later with red wine.  Proper rock and roll rebel ain’t I!

Luckily I get to rest tomorrow, but how many don’t.  How many people out there are on a vicious hamster wheel trying to keep on top of everything, keep everyone happy, fight pain or exhaustion, coping with emotional pressures and problems.  Then the coffee and ibruprofen taking increases, the painkillers get stronger, the alcohol intake intensifies, and then addiction creeps in.  Life is never clean cut, we are all vulnerable to the strains of the world and society, I’ve just seen a photo of Ant and Dec, it’s too easy to quickly be judgemental, don’t be, we don’t know what’s happening in his head, we don’t know what’s gone on in his life, yeah we see the “he’s a rich tv star” but that’s not everything, that’s not his personal life.  Alcohol addition, drug addition, food addition, the first two are seriously frowned upon, the latter ends up with weight gain, we all have our demons, don’t judge others for theirs xx

Right let’s get through this day, thankfully it’s 13 hours that’ll include smiles and laughter and catching up with amazing people.

BeYOUtiful, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Nice – Be YOUnique. xx

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