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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

National Pie Week!

7th March 2018
Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footsteps on the moon.

Check me out, I woke up, wanted to roll over and go back to sleep but inspired by a members post, I got my backside out of bed and went to do Day 5 of my yoga challenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHb71QonmXo it was only a 16 minute video and over that quickly, I decided to do Day 6 of the challenge too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWPpdP4IhEY that one was tougher but I made it through and now I’m ready to get on with my day, Day 7 is a 30 minute video and tomorrows a long day, up at 5, out by half 7 and don’t get home till after 8 on the night so it’s unlikely I’ll get that one fitted in, but that’s okay, it can be a rest day, this is a journey not a competition, plus Alfie and I still gets a walk on a Thursday. I’ve done 6 more sessions of activity in March than I did in January or February, that’s what’s important. I can feel it in my body too which means even a small amount of movement helps.

Moving onto other important things, did you know it’s British Pie Week, I love a bit of pastry now and again but it doesn’t always love me back, for me it’s usually guaranteed heartburn hell but despite that I still partake.  One pie I haven’t had for years but remember fondly is cheese and onion pie, because it’s a memory I can’t remember how it would’ve been made, mom thinks she just used fried onions and cheese, whereas some websites use egg also?  I’m not feeling the idea of adding egg, here’s the sort of recipe I’d expect it to be made of https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/my_mothers_cheese_and_42949 I can’t bring myself to Smart Point it!  I might however have to give it a go but cheat and buy pastry or maybe I’ll wait till the weekend and bake on from scratch, yeah I will.  If anyone has a family recipe, send it to me please.  I’ll probably do what I believe my mom would’ve done and make it up as I go along, let’s be honest, I never, ever say a recipe book in my mom’s kitchen when I was a kid.

Today we’re having steak pie, when stewing steak with a pastry lid which some people wouldn’t deem a pie as the pastry isn’t all the way round and the filling isn’t encased, but I’m a Weight Watcher trying to lose a bit of weight so I don’t care what they say.  I’ve used Asda’s tinned, onions and oxos with ready made pastry.

I’m also thinking not chicken sausage meat would make an epic pie, well sausage roll probably but yeah that would be good, I might have a play at the weekend, it’s mothers day Sunday I could make sausage rolls and maybe a sweet pie.  Hopefully I’ll have forgotten this idea by then and saved a few points as I’ve already ordered my food delivery for Saturday and there’s the makings of afternoon tea in there, plenty of food without making more.

Here’s a Weight Watchers friendly recipe for you all to try

Gluten free chicken and leek pie
Serves 4 people, 8 Smart Points per serving

This meal is suitable for the Gluten Free diet; but with some of the ingredients used please do make sure you check the product labels – sometimes a little stock cube, soy sauce or even ketchup can contain gluten.
150g Plain White Flour, ensure gluten free - 15 Points
1 tablespoons, level Plain White Flour, ensure gluten free - 22 Points
14teaspoons, level Baking powder, ensure gluten free
75g Low Fat Spread - 10 Points
1 medium, Egg, whole, raw, beaten
450g Chicken breast, skinless, raw, cut into chunks
2 medium Leeks, sliced
2 medium Carrots, raw, chopped
1 Chicken stock cube, dissolved in 300ml water, ensure gluten free - 1 Points
2 sprig Thyme, Fresh, 1 tablespoons, level Cornflour, mixed in 1 tbsp cold water - 2 Points
1 portion, medium Broccoli, raw, or any steamed green vegetables
  • To make the pastry, sift the flour and baking powder into the bowl of a food processor with a pinch of salt. Add the low fat spread and pulse until it resembles breadcrumbs. Reserve 1 tsp of the beaten egg, adding the rest to the food processor. Pulse until it forms a soft dough. Alternatively mix the dough by hand with a round ended knife – it is quite sticky so avoid handling it until the last minute. Wrap in cling film and chill for at least 30 minutes.
  • For the filling, mist a frying pan with cooking spray and heat. Add the chicken pieces and fry for 5 minutes until golden. Add the leeks and carrots and continue cooking for 5 more minutes. Stir in the stock, add the thyme, cover and cook for 10 minutes. Quickly stir in the cornflour mixture and cook for another minute until well blended and thickened. Spoon into an ovenproof pie dish.
  • Preheat the oven to 180C. Sift 1 tbsp flour over the work surface and roll out the pastry to fit the pie. Carefully lift on top – it is quite fragile but you can re-roll if necessary or patch any holes with trimmings. Trim the edges and re-roll any excess to make leaves for the top. Brush with the reserved egg. Bake for 30-35 minutes until the pastry is golden. Serve with steamed green vegetables.
This meal is suitable for freezing.

Right that’s me for this morning, I have an Alfie glaring at me wanting a walk so I better get gone.  Have a great day BeYOUtiful, focus on what you want, make it happen – you got this!

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