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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Making my life work.

27th February 2018
We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used to create them.

Glad I went to bed before half eight last night because I was awake for two hours just after midnight with stomach pains – yay to being female!  I’m good again now though, the drugs do work 😛.  I had my second counselling session yesterday and she was pleased with the changes I’d made and the difference in my thinking so much so she wasn’t sure what else she could do for me, I’ve asked for one more check-in in a fortnight as I won’t be 100% convinced everything’s all good again till I’ve done a complete hormonal month, I was at 90% belief though and actually after being awake that’s now 95% which is awesome. 

I’m feeling pretty confident I’ve made adequate changes in my thinking and my work life to give me my balance back, I’m going to make sure I make time to do things I enjoys doing, that includes quality time with mom when I’m not already exhausted.  I spoke to my boss on Saturday after my diamond award and he’s sorted my request out for me already, so that’s a relief, now to share the news with those who need to know.  I’m prioritising me and my self-care in order to be happy and able to best take care of mom.

Don’t neglect yourself, I’ve always told others this and lately I’ve been guilty of doing it myself, yeah I’ve still had my massage which made me believe I wasn’t but the truth is I need more time, life is short, work less – live more.  Set a good example to those around you, especially your children, let your daughters know that their needs matter too, if all they see is mommy doing everything for everything and having nothing for herself, they’ll think that’s the way the world should be and this isn’t the way the world should be.  Everyone’s needs are equally important.

My self-care yesterday was having my feet done, mom was due to have hers done too but the lady said to leave them another fortnight, she smoothed the souls of my feet and cut my nails the lot, it was good.  Then I did a couple of hours housework (not so good) but we have lovely clean new bedding, moms rooms all tidy, mines have done, I want to sort out the clothes in my room, a girl only needs so many tshirts and I have way too many.

I nipped to Sainsbury’s to return the dresses I’d bought, realising I don’t actually need more clothes, I exchanged on for a different size but had a refund on the other.  I bought hot dogs for lunch and they were delicious, they worked out at 4sp for the bun, 2sp for the jumbo hotdog then a point for the ketchup and mustard.  Each hot dog was a well worth it 7sp.

Breakfast had been beans and egg on toast, and my other meal was a bag of chicken wings - what a waste of 12sp, it wouldn’t have been if they’d been the hot and sticky deliciousness they should have been but they weren’t they were semi warm as I ate them in the car, but I couldn’t bring myself to bin em.

I’m all stocked up on tinned veg and long life milk just in case we get snowed in 😀 mom made me do it, she’s been reading the papers, looking outside I think we’ve got away with it for now but the forecast is snow.  We’re supposed to be walking on the chase on Sunday, we’ll have to see how the weather plays out I think.

Mom got on the scales yesterday and has agreed to not having so much junk in the house which is going to help me enormously - can't eat what isn't there.  She can still have treats but healthier ones and more controlled.  No more biscuit tin under her chair for her constantly to pick from.

Right I’m off to make me a cuppa, gonna need a little caffeine to spur me into action this morning, only a little though.

Looking forward to catching up with my members this morning, here’s to a great day however much snow falls.

Prioritise your own needs BeYOUtiful, remember you’re important too.

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